Exclusive: China's base metals output in Sep

This is a roundup of China’s base metals output in Sep, researched by SMM

07:21:11PM Oct 12, 2018

SMM Insight

LME Week: Chinese infrastructure to accelerate in H2 2018, SMM says

Infrastructure construction will grow as Beijing has been loosening policies in the face of potential impact from the trade war

01:38:29PM Oct 09, 2018


LME Week: Chinese steel margins 'sustainable', SMM says

Demand continued to do well, reflected by low steel inventory and high prices, said Ian Roper, general manager of SMM

11:59:53AM Oct 09, 2018

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Restocking to buoy iron ore prices post the National Day break

Iron ore prices in China are likely to climb post the break but then to come under pressure due to production curbs

09:58:54AM Sep 30, 2018

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Steel spot prices to weaken in short term as typhoon lowers demand

But current low inventories will limit downward room in steel prices

03:27:51PM Sep 18, 2018

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Lower alumina ratio, demand recovery buoys prices of PB fines

Prices of Pilbara Blend fines came close to prices of Brazilian resources such as Carajas fines and Brazilian Blend Fines

01:05:06PM Sep 14, 2018

Price Review & Forecast

Operating rates at blast furnaces to rebound in Sep as production recovers

The rate averaged 85.85% in Aug and is expected to rebound to 86.13% in Sep

02:12:49PM Sep 13, 2018

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Hebei raises electricity fees for mills that fail to meet emission standards

The requirement covers industries such as iron and steel, coking, cement, and glass

03:23:29PM Sep 11, 2018

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Operating rates across independent EAFs grow further amid high profits

Rates across EAFs are likely to gain 2 percentage points, from 73% in Aug to 75% in Sep

02:18:13PM Sep 11, 2018

Data Analysis

Tangshan postpones Sept cuts to discuss details

Authorities temporarily withdrew their statement issued on Sep 3

11:03:58AM Sep 04, 2018

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