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Indonesian Mining Association: studying the feasibility of reopening temporary low-grade nickel exports
Apr 7,2020 14:25CST
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SMM4, March 7: the Indonesian Association of Mining experts recently said that more in-depth research is needed on the proposal to establish nickel miners so that the government can open up exports of low-grade nickel ores, with particular attention to the balance of resources and nickel reserves. Rizar Casri (Rizal Kasli), president of (Perhapi), an association of Indonesian mining experts, said the relaxation of nickel exports once again needed further study because it would affect the balance of resources and nickel reserves. "to meet domestic demand for nickel ore, the rise in commodity prices due to oversupply will eventually affect the viability of the smelter business," he said.

In fact, the epidemic does affect all lives and operations in almost all countries of the world, including Indonesia, and could also affect the mining world if the spread of the epidemic cannot be stopped. It is true that many companies have been affected by the government's removal of nickel export regulations because they have not built their own smelters and are therefore unable to produce as usual. Only mining companies with smelters or smelter buyers can meet the needs of smelter customers.

Meanwhile, Medi Katrin Langkey, secretary-general of the Indonesian Nickel Mining Association (APNI), called on the government to reopen temporary low-grade nickel exports to enable miners to survive and survive. As a result, miners will not reduce the number of workers and can pay a certain amount of bank credit during the pandemic. He hopes that the government will relax the relaxation of nickel ore exports to increase foreign exchange earnings, relax the period for low-grade nickel ore exports (that is, less than 1.65%) for one year, and return to government regulation No. 1 of 2017, which imposed an export ban on January 12, 2022.

If the government opens the door to low-grade nickel exports, export management could be a door controlled through the APNI and state-owned enterprises, he suggested. At present, the situation of nickel miners has deteriorated as a result of the outbreak following the closure of the ban on nickel exports in early January. The suspension of nickel mining activities is due to operational restrictions caused by regional government restrictions which make it difficult for the labour force to enter production areas as a result of the epidemic. Meidi hopes that the regulation, which will regulate the HPM and the domestic nickel trading system, will be introduced soon.

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