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Mengzi Mining and Metallurgical Industry was awarded the National Green Factory
Sep 25,2020 11:01CST
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SMM News: recently, the Department of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the demonstration list of the fifth batch of green manufacturing system construction in 2020. The smelting branch of Mengzi Mining and Metallurgical Co., Ltd. is listed as a national green factory and is the first private enterprise selected as a national green factory in Mengzi City, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. This selection is a green transformation of Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy's implementation of the closed-loop economic model of "resources-products-renewable resources" and continuous support for the coordinated disposal industry of "comprehensive utilization of mineral resources + comprehensive utilization of solid and dangerous waste resources". A positive affirmation of the development of new business type's new model in the environmental protection industry.

In order to implement the National Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020), accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system, create advanced models of green manufacturing, and lead the green transformation of industries in related fields, the green factory is determined through regular independent declaration, third-party review, recommendation of provincial and municipal economic and information bureaus, expert demonstration and review, publicity and other links of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The aim is to give full play to the exemplary and leading role of enterprises through government guidance and public supervision, establish an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system, and build the green manufacturing system into a demonstration benchmark for the green transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. the leading force to participate in international competition.

The demonstration list of the construction of green manufacturing system is determined by the state for the enterprises that meet the advocacy of "green development", and it needs to meet a series of strict selection criteria. The so-called green factory is to introduce the idea of life cycle and give priority to the selection of green technology, technology and equipment on the premise of ensuring the function and quality of products and the occupational health and safety of people in the manufacturing process. to meet the requirements of comprehensive evaluation of infrastructure, management system, energy and resource input, products, environmental emissions and performance. According to the requirements of the State Council's Circular on the publication of made in China 2025, made in China 2025 regards "comprehensively promoting green manufacturing" as one of the nine strategic priorities and tasks. It is clearly put forward that we should adhere to the basic policy of green development and implement green manufacturing projects, and "build green factories to achieve intensive factory buildings, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste resources, and low-carbon energy." The evaluation of green factories is the implementation of the spirit of "made in China 2025", laying the foundation for the formulation of a green factory standard system and the completion of the goal of building a thousand green demonstration factories by 2020.

At the same time, the Yunnan provincial government also actively responded to the national call to thoroughly implement the "Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)" and the "Green Manufacturing Engineering implementation Guide (2016-2020)" to build a green manufacturing system. Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy, as an excellent private enterprise in Yunnan Province, has made continuous progress in the collaborative disposal of "comprehensive utilization of mineral resources + comprehensive utilization of solid and dangerous waste resources", and has been continuously invested in technological innovation and upgrading for many years. It plays an exemplary role in private enterprises in the province, and it has been highly valued and recognized by the government.

As a cooperative disposal enterprise of "comprehensive utilization of mineral resources + comprehensive utilization of solid and dangerous wastes", Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy has set an example in the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and the transformation of green development. It has also accumulated practical experience for enterprises in the industry to carry out the establishment of green factories. Under the guidance of the national policy, the green advanced technology that Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy has been paying close attention to for more than 20 years is cyclically linked with the upstream and downstream industrial chains, tapping the great potential of collaborative innovation among industries, by persisting in independent technology optimization and innovation, upgrading the technological level to promote the continuous reduction of energy consumption and raw material consumption per unit product and improve product quality, Continuously improve the scale of production, enhance the green level and environmental friendliness of the smelting branch, and passed the ISO9001, 14001, 28001 and other international certification.

For more than 20 years, Mengzi Mining and Metallurgy has been adhering to the enterprise purpose of "starting and rejuvenating the country, strengthening the country and enriching the people, serving the society and bringing benefits to the party", and carrying out the corporate mission of "first-class industry and excellent quality". By comprehensively carrying out emission standards, saving energy and reducing emissions, increasing production and efficiency, constantly carrying out capacity integration and technological innovation, gradually eliminating backward technology and equipment, and vigorously promoting green manufacturing and intelligent factory construction. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved.

All the cadres and employees of Mengzi Mining and Metallurgical Industry are encouraged by the national green factory. Huang Dawei, general manager of the company, said: the selection of the national "green factory" is a high recognition of the company's long-term adherence to green development, clean production, energy saving and consumption reduction. Next, we will speed up the launch of the "smart smelting, digital mine" project, give priority to factory energy information construction, strengthen energy management, promote the optimization of energy consumption structure, and actively promote green technology R & D and innovation. Gradually build a green production, environmental protection and clean, energy-saving, low-carbon, safe and efficient green manufacturing system. Li Qingqing, chairman of the company, said: being selected as a national "green factory" is not only an encouragement, but also a spur. We should, as always, adhere to the leadership of the party, comply with the national policy guidance, firmly believe that green water and green mountains are Jinshan and silver mountains, and always maintain our original mindset and do solid work, create new achievements in the new era, and strive to make greater contributions to the leapfrog development of local economic and social stability.


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