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Aopu Energy Technology signs contract for Longyuan Power layout New Energy and Energy Storage New Cooperation
Sep 16,2020 14:59CST
Source:Aopu energy technology
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SMM News: September 14, 2012, Sun Jinbiao, General Manager of Longyuan Electric Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Longyuan Power") and Hao Peng, Executive Director of Aopu (Shanghai) New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Aopu Energy Technology"). Yan Chaodan, Deputy General Manager of Youde New Energy Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Youde Operation and maintenance"), And Li Yuzhou, director of Longyuan Electric Power Planning and Development Department, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation.

Longyuan Electric Power is the main entity engaged in renewable energy investment and operation of the National Energy Group, and has rich experience in renewable energy investment and development. As one of the first companies engaged in wind power development in China, Longyuan Group began to engage in wind power business in 1991 and has become the number one wind power operator in the world. By the end of 2019, Longyuan Group's holding installed capacity was 20.52 million kilowatts, of which wind power holding capacity exceeded 18.395 million kilowatts.

During the meeting, Mr. Sun Jinbiao of Longyuan Electric Power Group and Mr. Hao Peng of Aopu Energy Technology respectively introduced the basic situation of both companies, and reached a preliminary consensus on cooperating with Longyuan Electric Power to develop a new energy demonstration project of "net Source Lotus Storage" in Wulanchabu City and to achieve indicators. Hao Peng, executive director of Aopu Energy Technology, said that Aopu Energy Technology, as a multi-scenario energy supply solution service provider for the global market, is also a national high-tech enterprise and national software enterprise based on the energy storage market. has in the field of energy storage in the domestic leading level of frequency modulation, peak regulation technology, and the formation of independent intellectual property rights system. This strategic cooperation can combine Aopu's advanced energy storage technology experience with Longyuan Power's rich renewable energy investment and development experience, so that the two sides can jointly improve their competitiveness in their respective fields.

With the solemn signing of the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation by Li Yuzhou and Shang Dehua on behalf of both sides, it marks the construction of a large new energy base between Longyuan Electric Power Group and Aopu Energy Technology. The comprehensive strategic cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in large-scale energy storage industry cooperation has been officially launched. The two sides have reached an agreed cooperation intention in new energy project development, project construction, energy storage industry cooperation, new energy operation and maintenance services and other related fields. Establish a strategic cooperative relationship.

Aopu Energy Technology will provide Longyuan Power Group with competitive energy storage products and source network charge storage, scenery and fire storage base comprehensive solutions, relying on the R & D test platform, energy storage software and hardware research and development capabilities, as well as excellent high-security energy storage complete systems. It is committed to improving the security and economy of the energy storage system, and enhancing Longyuan Power Group's friendly access and full absorption in the new energy base. Aopu Energy Technology can not only provide Longyuan Power Group with existing mature energy storage products and modular combination solutions, but also customize and develop energy storage products according to the specific project requirements of Longyuan Electric Power Group. to provide perfect after-sales service, technical support and training services for corresponding energy storage products to jointly improve their competitiveness in their respective fields.

The new cooperation jointly launched by Longyuan Electric Power and Aopu Energy Technology will better respond to the development trend of the national emerging energy strategy in the construction of new energy bases such as scenery and fire storage and source network storage, and at the same time break through the traditional model and enhance the pace of development. accelerate the energy revolution and the construction and cooperation of green and safe energy (energy storage) systems.

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