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The Australian market has Baotou to make "giant" domestic electric wheel mining vehicles exported to Australia.
Sep 8,2020 14:02CST
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SMM: recently, Inner Mongolia North heavy truck Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "North share") the first batch of "giant" NTE360A electric wheel cars exported to Australia was held in the North Stock Mining vehicle Industrial Park.

At 9 a.m. on the same day, the 16-meter-long, 8-meter-high and 10-meter-wide behemoth, which has the world's largest tyre with a diameter of 4 meters, was parked in front of the final assembly workshop in the industrial park for delivery.

It is reported that the Australian mining market is the market with the highest standards in the world, and it has very strict requirements for product performance, use safety, driver handling comfort, reliability and maintenance convenience, as well as product technology and quality certification.

"this is the first time that large mining vehicles made in China have been exported in large quantities to the high-end Australian market, which is a milestone. To enter the Australian market, technically speaking, the global market can enter. In the past, domestic equipment is usually exported on a trial basis, and we have achieved direct sales this time, which is also the first time for the entire mining car industry. " Yang Zhe, deputy chief designer of North Stock Product Research Institute and project manager of NTE360A, said proudly.

According to Yang Zhe, in response to the special requirements of Australian customers, the company has made great improvements in vehicle noise control, including external noise and cab internal noise, to meet local regulatory requirements and user needs.

Through the calibration research of high power electric drive system technology, front and rear high performance wet disc braking technology, Australian technical regulations and international mining safety requirements, the NTE360A electric wheel mining vehicle has solved the key technical problems such as power and electric drive matching of large mining dump truck, integration of electric wheel and wet disc brake, high strength frame, vehicle information technology and so on. In line with the international safety assessment of product design, kit selection and manufacturing stages, and meet the standard requirements for mining vehicle products to enter Australia and other high-end markets.

Yang Zhe said: "in the design process, due to the high local temperature in Australia, the engine cooling capacity and cab cooling requirements are higher, this is our biggest challenge." And the layout of the whole vehicle, including the combination of power system, has not been matched in the field of this tonnage of harvesters, and we are the first in the world to do this job. "

(Yancoal) is currently the largest franchised coal producer in Australia, with 11 coal mines in Australia with an annual production capacity of 80 million tons. The miners will be used in the development and construction of Yancoal's MTW coal mine.

This time, Northern shares signed the first 28 NTE360A procurement contracts with Yanzhou Coal Australia Co., Ltd. and delivered the first batch of vehicles, marking a major breakthrough in Northern shares' international market expansion and successfully entering the Australian market, the top international high-end market known as the crown pearl of global mining.

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