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Chinalco Southwest Aluminum sets a new record for monthly export output.
Sep 3,2020 16:11CST
Source:Southwest aluminum
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SMM: since the second half of the year, Chinalco Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. has been deployed in accordance with the mid-year work meeting of Chinalco Group, under the premise of continuing to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, around the annual production and operation objectives, strive to open up the market, scientific and accurate production, and achieve a steady rise in production and operation under adversity. After export output hit a 55-year high in July, Southwest Aluminium's export output rose 12.6% in August from a month earlier, up 32% from a year earlier, and a new record in a single month. Among them, the export output of group companies and business departments increased by 11.6% and 12.9% month-on-month.

In the face of the complex and ever-changing market environment at home and abroad, Southwest Aluminum pressurized itself, dug deep internal potential, and sought opportunities in danger, combined with the work requirements of comprehensively entering the "wartime state". We have solidly carried out a great discussion activity to enhance "competitiveness, innovation, control, influence, and anti-risk ability", found a way to "accurately understand change, scientifically adapt to change, and actively seek change", and realized the road of "cultivating new opportunities in a crisis and opening a new situation in a changing situation." In order to effectively promote the high-quality development of enterprises. Aiming at the market and users, Southwest Aluminum has carried out a quality exposure roving exhibition to further enhance the quality awareness and behavior of employees according to market standards, and firmly establish the concept of "whoever smashes the brand of the enterprise, the enterprise will smash the rice bowl", which promotes the improvement of product quality.

Southwest Aluminum also deeply promotes all-factor benchmarking, integrates the benchmarking work into all kinds of work, constantly finds problems in the benchmarking, finds the gap with advanced peers, makes up for the shortcomings of high-quality development, and promotes the further improvement of basic management level. At the same time, we should actively do a good job in product restructuring and seize high-end emerging markets. In accordance with the management thinking of "taking the market as the orientation, taking the customer as the center, keeping pressure, working hard, and actively implementing the adjustment of product structure and market structure", we will concentrate our efforts on "attacking" the key markets in the country's key areas and the high-end civilian products market. Since the second half of the year, Southwest Aluminum has excellently completed the tasks of ensuring the supply of aluminum in urgent need of aluminum in a number of national key areas, and successively contributed to the successful launch of the long March 5B and the "Tianmen-1" Mars probe, which has been fully affirmed by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the China Academy of launch vehicle Technology and other units.

Since the second quarter of this year, Southwest Aluminum has maintained a good level of monthly new orders, providing support for a rapid increase in volume in the second half of the year. Since August, the "stove" weather in Chongqing has continued, and the production tasks of the production plants of Southwest Aluminum have become more onerous. The vast number of cadres and workers have comprehensively entered the "wartime state", have made contributions based on their posts, and have worked hard to achieve the work goals set for the whole year, ensuring that production and management have improved month by month since the second half of the year.

The High Precision Plate Belt Division conscientiously implements the work requirements of Chinalco and Southwest Aluminum, firmly adheres to the direction of "accelerating quantity adjustment and structure adjustment, paying close attention to the implementation of strong effect", taking market demand as the orientation, upgrading the scale as the main line, strengthening implementation as the guarantee, taking quality improvement as the basis, technological innovation as the drive, and optimized service as the support, continuously speeding up the process of reducing losses and reversing losses, promoting the steady rise of production and operation of the enterprise in the second half of the year. Continued to maintain a good momentum of growth.

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