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China Metallurgical Group has issued three international standards one after another.
Jul 9,2020 11:44CST
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SMM: recently, the international standardization work of China Metallurgical Science and Industry Group has spread good news. Three international standards led by China Metallurgical Group have been issued one after another. They are: a ISO international standard, "corrosion rate of steel bars in concrete structures simulated by metal and alloy corrosion simulation in marine environment" (ISO 21062wt 2020), which is led by China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd. And the two IEC international standards "Safety of electrothermal and electromagnetic treatment devices-part 8: special requirements for electroslag remelting furnaces" (IEC 60519 / 2020) and "Test methods for electroslag remelting furnaces of electrothermal and electromagnetic treatment devices" (IEC 60779 / 2020), which are led and revised by Xi'an Electric Furnace Research Institute Co., Ltd.

A ISO international standard issued this time, based on Chinese standards such as "GB/T 31933mur2015" and other Chinese standards, fully transformed the scientific research achievements such as the national science and technology plan and the national science and technology support plan, and stipulated the key links such as sample requirements, equipment, test steps and evaluation in the comparative test of steel bar corrosion rate in simulated marine environment. It will play a positive role in the high-quality development of China's iron and steel, and will help to promote the worldwide application of special performance steel in the marine environment. The two IEC international standards issued this time are the third edition of the international standard for safety and test methods of electroslag remelting furnaces. The first two editions are mainly revised by Xi'an Electric Furnace Research Institute Co., Ltd., and won the first IEC1906 award in China in 2005. At present, China has reached the advanced level of the world in the technical field of electroslag remelting furnace. Electroslag remelting furnace is a resistance furnace which remelts metal by using the heat energy generated by current through high resistance slag, which is mainly used to produce high quality special steel and special alloy. In view of the development characteristics of electroslag remelting, the new international standard makes specific provisions on the main technical parameters, supplementary requirements for design and manufacture, inspection rules and special requirements for transportation involved in different furnace types, and adds technical requirements such as electrode embedding depth control and melting speed control for electroslag remelting furnace.

In recent years, China Metallurgical Group has taken the opportunity of the establishment of the national technical standard innovation base (metallurgical engineering international standardization) to further strengthen the international standardization work, and the overall level of the group's international standardization work has been greatly improved. and has been fully affirmed and praised by the National Standards Committee. Up to now, the group has issued a total of 51 international standards, of which 20 have led the formulation of national technical standards, 2 national technical standards innovation bases, 3 domestic technical counterparts of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and 2 IEC1906 awards.

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