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Calls for the resumption of a stricter blockade are getting louder and louder. South Africa may raise the level of blockade.
Jul 1,2020 19:41CST
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SMM: as calls for the restoration of stricter blockades become louder and louder, Health Minister Zvilimherz (Zweli Mkhize) is forced to face the government's risk adjustment. Parts of South Africa may be subject to stricter restrictions under the disaster Management Act (Disaster Management Act), but this is only a last resort.

Minister Mhiz confirmed this, saying that although the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) has not yet made a limited decision on the implementation of the government's region-based prevention plan, the abolition of individual freedom in coronavirus hotspots is an option that cannot be ignored.

Mhertz (Mkhize) 's comments came as local leaders and political parties called for stricter restrictions on the region to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

Dr. MEC Bandile Masuku of Gauteng Medical Center recently confirmed that provincial authorities were considering an intermittent enhanced blockade, while the acting mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Thsonono Buyeye, publicly called for a return to level 4.

(EFF), an economic freedom fighter, took a more aggressive stance, calling on President Ramafosa (Ramaphosa) to restore a level 5 blockade for three months.

The argument of the Economic Freedom Warriors Party is: "Last week alone, 40, 000 cases of COVID-19 were reported across the country, an average of 6000 cases per day."

Without any social distance, wearing masks and hygiene measures will help reduce the rise in infections and deaths. 'The only strategy that can help us is to stay at home,'he said in a statement on Tuesday, June 30. Private and public health care systems will not be able to meet the growing number of COVID-19-positive infections.

As a result, thousands of people will die because they do not have access to health care. In the next few weeks, most companies, schools and other public places will not be able to operate because workers and customers will be infected. "

The Union army says the responsible and constitutional priority should be to save lives and prevent loss of life by returning to blockade level 5.

Mherz (Mkhize) believes that while saving lives remains a top priority, a strict blockade would have a devastating economic impact on a country that has suffered huge financial losses as a result of restrictions.

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