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[SMM Steel City Morning News] China's railway infrastructure investment is expected to exceed 820 billion yuan in the whole year.
Apr 26,2020 09:03CST
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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Breakfast news

Rising factor

1. The national railway construction investment will be increased, and the total investment in the whole year is expected to exceed 820 billion yuan.

The target of the national railway fixed assets investment plan for 2020 has been adjusted. It is understood that at present, China Railway Shanghai and Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has confirmed the increase, and the Beijing Bureau, Wuhan Bureau, Chengdu Bureau and other groups have confirmed that they will be adjusted soon. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the national railway fixed assets investment has exceeded 815 billion yuan in 2020, and still has the trend of continued growth.

2. Chinese Government Network: it is necessary to firmly implement the Strategy of expanding domestic demand

Chinese government network: we should firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand. Many measures should be taken at the same time to promote the recovery of consumption and promote the greater development of online consumption. We will expand effective investment, make good use of local government special debts and other policies, promote social investment, and speed up the construction of projects to make up for weaknesses and benefit people's livelihood. All localities should do a good job in the preliminary work of the project and start work as soon as possible.

3. Special debt to promote the financing of New Capital Construction

A few days ago, many places have begun to plan to finance new infrastructure projects through special debts, some of which are already in the state of being issued. The connotation of the new infrastructure is rich, but there are not many projects that can use special debt. In the actual operation, first, it is necessary to prevent special debts from being used in market-oriented new infrastructure projects and increase the financial burden; second, we should pay attention to whether the proceeds of new infrastructure special debt projects can cover financing.

Falling factor

1. Local property market relaxation policy frequently "a few days tour" some cities de-inventory cycle more than 18 months pressure to increase

The outbreak has affected sales in the real estate market in the first quarter. The real estate industry, which is highly dependent on offline sales, has therefore performed poorly. In this environment, local governments decided to rescue enterprises and rescue the market, because of the city policy, in the supply and demand at both ends of the frequent introduction of various policies to facilitate the operation of the property market. It is worth noting that there are still some relatively strong "relaxation" policies have been withdrawn, there has been a "one-day tour" or "a few days of travel" phenomenon. Behind this, there is an increase in market inventory pressure, with some cities having a deinventory cycle of more than 18 months.

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