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[SMM Steel Market Morning News] the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the third time this year!
Oct 31,2019 08:59CST
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Thursday, 31 October 2019

News breakfast


Rising factor

1. Notice of Tangshan Municipal Government on initiating Class II Emergency response of heavily polluted Weather

The Tangshan Municipal Government issued the Circular on starting the Class II Emergency response to heavily polluted Weather, and decided to start the Class II emergency response of the heavily polluted weather from 8: 00 on October 31, 2019.

Iron and steel industry: performance evaluation grade B, sintering machine, pellet equipment stop production, such as early warning time of more than 120 hours, and then stop production of more than 50% (including), in terms of production line.

2. Handan City issued an orange alert for heavily polluted weather to initiate level II emergency response.

The Handan heavy pollution Weather Emergency Command decided to start the Class II emergency response from 6: 00 on November 1, and the whole city strictly implemented various emergency emission reduction measures in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Handan heavy pollution Weather Emergency Plan." Among them, industrial enterprises reasonably regulate and control the production plan, and from 6: 00 on November 1, they will strictly implement the orange early warning (level II) differential emission reduction measures in accordance with the "list of Emergency Emission reduction of heavy pollution Weather in Handan City 2019". The key enterprises listed in the production Regulation and Control Plan for key Industries of Handan City from September to December 2019 will strictly implement them, enterprises and production equipment in the state of shutdown will continue to stop production, and other enterprises and equipment will implement orange early warning (level II) emission reduction measures.

3. Passenger Federation: retail sales in the National passenger car Market stabilized and warmed up in October

The passenger Federation released a weekly analysis report (October 21-October 27, 2019), and the weekly retail of the national passenger car market started strongly in October. To sum up, the retail sales data in the first three weeks increased by-15% year-on-year, slightly worse than the year-on-year growth rate in September. The market did not pick up very fast in October, and the car market continued to pick up steadily.


Falling factor

1. The performance of the home appliance industry in the third quarter is still not satisfactory, with sales down 4.2% from the same period last year.

According to the "third quarter report of China's Home Appliance Industry in 2019" jointly released by the China Home Appliances Research Institute and the National Household Appliances Industry Information Center, the performance of the household appliance market in the third quarter was not very satisfactory, with market sales of 174.5 billion yuan, down 4.2 percent from the same period last year. The growth rate of exports narrowed, with exports of household appliances totaling 73 billion yuan in the third quarter, an increase of 1.7 percent over the same period last year.


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