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Environmental Protection and production restriction-one wave after another
Jun 22,2019 23:23CST
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In late June, environmental protection and production restrictions occurred frequently in various parts of the country. Wu'an, Luliang and other places issued relevant notices one after another on the 21st. Affected by this, snails and volumes rose strongly in the evening. It is reported that this afternoon, Tangshan held another meeting on the theme of environmental protection. Rumor has it that the Tangshan municipal government's afternoon environmental protection meeting decided: "Tangshan steel enterprises sintering, blast furnace production limit of 20% to 50%, even those who have relocation tasks will not be exempted." SMM conducted a survey on this, according to feedback, Tangshan environmental production restrictions do have signs of tightening. The specific investigation situation is as follows, steel mill A (Kaiping District): at present, the sintering production of steel mill is limited to 50%, but the blast furnace equipment is not limited. Steel mill B (Qianxi County): belongs to the area 2 scope, has not received the new production restriction notice. Steel mill C (Lubei District): previously interviewed by the government, affected by the production restrictions will be reduced, but today did not receive a new notice of production restrictions. In addition, today, Changli County issued a "notice on doing a good job in dealing with the recent air pollution process," the notice said: from June 22 to 27, due to the occurrence of ozone as the primary pollutant of the mild to moderate pollution process. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the degree of light pollution, at 20:00 on June 22, Changli County began to take the following pollution countermeasures (end time to be determined) to stop production measures, among which, the number of sintering machines and shaft furnaces shut down in iron and steel enterprises is more than 50% (those that achieve ultra-low emissions and long-term shutdown do not take into account the base number), the sintering and pelletizing process of single sintering machine and shaft furnace enterprises are limited to 50%, and the coking time of coking enterprises is extended to 28 hours. Cement production enterprises limit production by 50%; ordinary foundry enterprises limit production by more than 50% (except those whose performance is classified as Class A). On the whole, the current environmental protection and production restrictions both in scope and intensity have an impact on the increasing trend, the follow-up situation SMM will continue to track [SMM Steel]

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