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Zijin Mining Kakoula Copper Mine continued to exceed expectations and was put into production in July.
Jan 14,2021 16:41CST
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The development of the Kamoa-Kakoula copper mine under Zijin Mining will come to a perfect end in 2020. The two north-south transportation channels of Kakoula Copper Mine were completed at the end of November and December 2020, setting two milestones in the development of the project. by the end of December 2020, the underground development project of the project had been completed for a total of 29.8km. The mining team has entered the ultra-high-grade section in the center of the Kakoula deposit, with a copper grade of more than 8 per cent, much higher than 0.55 per cent of the global average. At present, the surface yard of the Kakoula copper mine project has stored about 1.52 million tons of high-and medium-grade ore, with a copper grade of about 4.03%, laying a solid foundation for the project to be put into production on schedule and achieve rapid slope climbing capacity in July 2021.

The Kamoa-Kakoula copper deposit is the fourth largest high-grade copper deposit in the world, with resource reserves of more than 43.69 million tons, equivalent to 40% of China's total copper resources, and is the world's largest copper prospecting achievement in nearly a decade. at present, further prospecting and exploration is still under way in the north and far north of Kakula. The scale of the Camoa-Kakoula copper mine is rare in the world, of which the Kakoula deposit alone is more than 13.3km long, equivalent to the length of the southern island of Manhattan, New York, USA.

The Camoa-Kakoula copper mine is currently under construction in two sequences of 7.6 million tons per year. Among them, the first sequence deals with 3.8 million tons of ore per year, and the progress of the concentrator and supporting construction has been completed by about 68%, and the first batch of copper concentrate will be produced in July 2021. The construction of the second sequence of 3.8 million t / a concentrator started at full speed in early December 2020, and long-period equipment orders have been signed and 20 per cent of earthworks have been completed. After the two series are completed and put into production, the annual output of copper metal in the mine will reach 400000 tons. In the later stage, if the production capacity is expanded to 19 million tons per year, it will become the second largest copper mine in the world, with an annual copper metal output of more than 800000 tons. Before it is put into production in July this year, the surface of the project is expected to store 3 million tons of high-and medium-grade ore and contain more than 125000 tons of copper metal, making it the largest copper mine with the highest grade in the world. The extremely high-grade copper concentrate produced by Kakoula will contain more than 55 per cent copper.

Kamoa-Kakoula mine development fully implements the concept of Zijin "community with a shared future", attaches great importance to the interests of its country, community and people, and actively carries out a "sustainable livelihood plan". We will continue to do a good job in the localization of employment, plantation projects, sewing employment projects and the construction of schools. At the same time, it is also actively connected to the local national Electroweb, making full use of clean energy. According to the Canadian agency Hatch Ltd. Under independent review, the Camoa-Kakoula copper project will be one of the mines with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per unit of copper in the world.

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