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[2020.07.13 Morning meeting Summary of Cobalt Lithium New Energy] it remains to be seen that the price increase of cobalt salt in Congo will increase the price of lithium salt.
Jul 13,2020 09:34CST
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SMM, July 13:

Battery terminal market:

According to the China Automobile Association, in June, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 102000 and 104000 respectively, up 21.3% and 26.8% month-on-month, down 25.0% and 33.1% from the same period last year. Production and sales of pure electric passenger vehicles grew steadily in June, while new energy commercial vehicles returned to month-on-month growth after a slight decline in May. In June 2020, China's power battery production totaled 5.3 GWH, down 16.2% from the same period last year and up 3.0% from the previous month. Among them, the output of ternary batteries was 3.1 GWH, accounting for 58.9% of the total output, down 30.7% from the same period last year, up 2.6% from the previous year; and the output of lithium iron phosphate batteries was 2.2 GWH, accounting for 40.8% of the total output, up 29.1% from the same period last year and 3.9% from the previous year. Power battery production increased only slightly in June, and battery factories are still destocking.

Price of upstream raw materials:

Cobalt: Congo confirmed news once again disturbed the cobalt city, cobalt salt quotation raised, the spot market basically has no market. However, downstream demand is expected to continue to pick up from August to September, and the willingness to purchase and stock cobalt salts and cobalt tetroxide is slightly enhanced this month, which may support prices. According to the latest balance results, cobalt sulfate may reach the balance of supply and demand in July-August, and the price of cobalt sulfate may stop falling and stabilize.

Lithium: lithium salt market is mainly a wait-and-see mood, upstream suppliers are still expected to raise prices, but downstream material factories are still cautious about the current price trend, the two sides maintain the state of the game. Qinghai industrial-grade lithium carbonate factory itself is tight and take the initiative to adjust prices, other enterprises may slightly follow the price adjustment, but the follow-up some enterprises have the risk of selling goods at low prices, the rate of price increase still needs to wait and see.

Cathode materials and precursors: ternary materials and precursors, the market is more wait-and-see raw material prices, the current downstream demand is only a small increase, it is difficult to support the rise in the prices of precursors and ternary materials. Lithium manganate, the current lithium salt prices have an upward trend, downstream demand rose slightly, the current overseas market recovery is slow, lithium manganate prices are difficult to rise.

Nickel: recently, Shanghai nickel continues to pull up, the high has exceeded 108000 yuan / ton, nickel sulfate due to downstream demand is still weak, the mainstream price of battery-grade nickel sulfate market is still maintained at 2.33-23800 yuan / ton.


1. [Ningde Times sets up an intelligent unmanned mine joint venture company that can save 300000 yuan in energy costs per year.] News on July 9, Ningde Times and Henan Yuejin Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture, Henan Yueli Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., to develop the overall solution of electric intelligent unmanned mine (Ener-magic system), which is based on lithium-ion battery pure electric drive technology. Integrate the efficient transmission of 5G technology and smart interconnection, through big data algorithm to achieve self-driving, intelligent control, reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency. It is reported that an electric mine card can save nearly 300000 yuan in energy costs every year. If the electric intelligent unmanned mine solution is popularized and applied throughout the country, it can reduce crude oil consumption by 20 million tons, reduce the emission of four pollutants by 1.3 million tons, increase mine production efficiency by 30%, and save mining costs by 46%, reaching 250 billion yuan a year.

2. [Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler announced further cost cuts] recently, Conlinson (Ola Kaellenius), CEO of Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, said at the company's annual shareholder meeting that although there are signs that demand for luxury cars is beginning to recover, the company expects an operating loss in the second quarter and the company will cut costs further. Although sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand in China hit a record high in the second quarter of this year, total sales fell 19 per cent to 870000 vehicles in the first half, according to data released by Daimler.

3. [Weilai raised more than 10 billion yuan to come to China in 2020 and won 10.4 billion credit from six major banks] on the morning of July 10, Weilai China held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation between China's banks and enterprises with China Construction Bank, Anhui Branch and other six banks. Luo Yunfeng, member of the standing Committee of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, Chen Xiang, party secretary and chairman of Anhui Investment Group holding Co., Ltd., as well as Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Lulai, jointly attended the signing ceremony. According to the strategic agreement, the six banks signed this time will provide 10.4 billion yuan in comprehensive credit to Weilai China to support the operation and development of Weilai's business in China.

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