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[sudden] worker demonstration in Wede bay Nife Industrial Park, Castle Peak, Indonesia
May 2,2020 17:09CST
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SMM5, March 2: according to Indonesian local media reports, Indonesia's Castle Peak Wede bay Park in Hamahela, central part of North Maluku Province, demonstrated by local workers and stormed dong yesterday (Labor Day). Thousands of Indonesian workers were at the entrance to several PT IWIP offices.

It is reported that the video circulated on social media, as if a building was burning. One worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, admitted that the burning building was a canteen. In this operation, not only the canteen was targeted. Many of the company's facilities, such as cars, have also been shattered.

Indonesia Castle Peak weday Park plans to build 24 nickel and iron production lines, April 30, Weidabei Nickel Industry No. 1 furnace smoothly out of iron, officially put into production. The remaining three electric furnaces of Weida Bai Nickel Industry Phase I Nickel Iron Plant will soon be put into production one after another. As the first production line of the park has just been tapped a few days ago, the impact of the incident on supply is relatively small for the time being. Whether the remaining production schedule will be delayed by SMM will continue to be followed up.

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