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SMM April 14 Lithium manganate spot Express: export orders low Lithium Manganese Market struggles to maintain
Apr 14,2020 18:59CST
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SMM, April 14: affected by the new crown epidemic, China's lithium manganate market export orders have also gradually declined since the end of March. The original March-April is the domestic lithium manganate downstream demand small peak season, but the current lithium manganate market downstream demand is low, the export order reduction after the domestic manufacturer competition is more fierce. Superimposed battery manufacturers continue to hold down the purchase price of lithium manganate, and the market price of lithium manganate is still under pressure.

According to SMM industry customers, lithium manganate export orders are mainly power tools, sound transmission systems, charging treasure and other low-end 3C market, more sold to India, Africa and other regions. At present, the new crown epidemic in Africa and India has not been well controlled, domestic lithium manganate manufacturers in April orders have varying degrees of decline, the impact of foreign trade is greater. According to a lithium manganate factory in North China, the transaction price of digital lithium manganate market ranges from 2.3 to 30000 yuan / ton, while the current transaction price in the power market is less, with SMM prices of 3.45 yuan / ton and 36500 yuan / ton.

Because the domestic lithium manganate enterprise expands production more in 2019, the production capacity increases greatly, from the end of 2019 to March 2020, the "price war" between lithium manganate producers is more fierce. Since April, companies have been pushing prices as prices are close to the cost line. However, as the overseas epidemic intensifies, export orders for lithium manganate remain low. Domestic market demand is not growing, lithium carbonate prices are also under pressure, SMM expects lithium manganate prices to continue to fall, and market orders will continue to decline in May.

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