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Tangshan deepens restrictions on sintering Sep 11-15
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Sep 12,2019

SHANGHAI, Sep 12 (SMM) – Steelmakers in part of Tangshan, top steelmaking hub in China, have been required to deepen their curbs over sintering from CST 12:00 September 11 to CST 12:00 September 15, to counter poor pollutant diffusion conditions.

This targets steel mills in districts of Lubei, Lunan, Kaiping, Fengnan, Guye and Gaoxin as well as cities of Luanzhou and Qian’an, and comes on top of the city’s smog-control plan for September.

In the four-day period, all but one of the sintering machines at Tangyin Iron & Steel and the northern plant of Tangshan Iron & Steel should suspend, while other steel mills in the region have to cut sintering capacity by no less than 50%.

Those steel mills are also required to halve the number of transport vehicles.

Steelmakers across the region were required of similar production cuts during September 2-7.

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