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[metal afternoon News] the Bank of Europe opens the door to interest rate cuts * the Ministry of Commerce levies anti-dumping duty on stainless steel products from Europe, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.
Jul 22,2019 12:04CST
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Macro information

Global easing? After the interest rate cut by the four central banks, we will pay attention to the statements of the three central banks this week!

President of the European Central Bank, British Prime Minister, German Chancellor. These personnel changes may affect the global market

Lu Kang, director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, transferred to North America and Oceania and served as director of the Department of Information.

A slight pullback in the opening of the onshore RMB exchange rate against the US dollar

The IMF economic outlook is expected to remain pessimistic or open the door for the Bank of Europe to cut interest rates

Wu Qing: the new 11 rules of financial opening will bring new opportunities for Shanghai to build an international financial center.

Metal news

[SMM afternoon Review] Shanghai nickel fell more than 2 per cent Shanghai zinc fell 1.5 per cent colored green manure red and thin last crude oil rose more than 1 per cent

Ministry of Commerce: levying anti-dumping duty on stainless steel billets and stainless steel hot rolled plates / rolls in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia

[SMM Review] fundamentals undersupport nickel prices fall back high and other metals follow weakness

Inventory increase [SMM data] slightly expanded electrolytic aluminum inventory increased by 5000 tons

Social inventory of zinc in three places recorded an increase under the arrival of some domestic goods [SMM data]

[SMM Steel] Handan implements enhanced emergency control measures for the main urban area and its surrounding areas

Indonesia plans to build smelter to change the pattern of exporting metal raw materials and purchasing high finished metal products

Anglo American will invest $3 billion to boost production of Los Bronces copper mine in Chile

Metro Mining increases bauxite reserves by 18.8%

SMM July 22 market news on lead reduction

SMM July 22 other areas 1 # lead market KuaiBao

July 22 Shanghai zinc spot news: zinc futures lower downstream is still waiting for traders to trade relatively actively

Guangdong zinc market news on July 22: the monthly difference expands, the superimposed disk surface goes down, and the transaction in Guangdong city improves.

July 22 Tianjin zinc spot news: lower bearish mood is not good to receive goods

The guiding price of stainless steel plant in Wuxi area is raised by 100 yuan to 200 yuan per ton for cold rolling [SMM stainless steel plant guide price].

SMM July 22 Battery Market News

Government official: Colombia hopes to get a piece of the copper market in the next few years

China Railway Construction Copper Crown Investment Co., Ltd. Milado Copper Mine production ceremony grand opening ceremony

The largest Nonferrous Metals Group in the World-the Comprehensive strength of Chinalco, lead, Zinc and Germanium is the first in Asia

Guizhou Aluminum Plant and Chinalco Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Group sign entrustment Agreement for soil remediation in Electrolytic Aluminum sheet area

Interpretation of the story behind the surge in nickel prices Green Mei's early layout has attracted attention

China Nonferrous signs African rare Earth Framework Agreement

The two departments issued a notice to further promote the third Party Control of Environmental pollution in the Park (with official original text)

Related news

[stock Market afternoon Review] Science and Technology Innovation Board's 25 companies rose sharply on the first day of the market, and the trading volume of stocks in the market was neglected and shrank.

The end of the era of high subsidies China's new energy vehicles may enter a trough era

South Korea's exports fell 13.6% in the first 20 days of July semiconductor exports plummeted by 30%

Five departments issue the interim measures for the uniform Registration of Natural Resources

Total investment of 2.55 billion yuan photovoltaic project settled in Xianyang

The ratio of foreign capital stocks to futures companies will be lifted next year.

Sales Analysis of domestic car Market in June 2019: BAIC EU Series first entered the Top Ten Dihao fell out of the Top Ten

July 22 spot price of SMM metal

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