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Collections of Stories in Base Metal Market at SMM 2016 Annual Summit

SHANGHAI, Nov. 11 (SMM) - SMM 2016 China Metals Summit (CMS), one of China’s largest annual gathering of base metals industry, is opening in Shanghai, China from Nov. 10-11. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting, don’t miss SMM online updates. 

The followings are major stories at the summit.  

Macro economy

SMM Summit 2016: China and World Economy to Rebound in 2017


2016 SMM Summit: What’s Outlook for 2017 Copper Price? SMM Interviews

SMM Summit 2016: China Copper Consumption Beats Forecast in 2016 


SMM Summit 2016: China Aluminum Supply to Shift into Surplus in 2017

SMM Summit 2016: China Aluminum Stocks to Rebound Rapidly in 2017 from Record Lows in 2016

SMM Summit 2016: Surging Aluminum Prices Bring Chinese Aluminum Producers Back to Life

SMM Summit 2016: Aluminum Price Outlook Not Optimistic in 2017


2016 SMM Summit: Zinc Consumption to Slow in China but Improve in Other Countries in 2017

2016 SMM Summit: LME Zinc to Average $2,200 per tonne in 2017

2016 SMM Summit: China Refined Zinc Output to Slide in 2016

2016 SMM Summit: What Fundamental Factors will Affect Zinc Prices in 2017?

2016 SMM Summit: Zinc Deficit Gave Little Impact on Production at Smelters

2016 SMM Summit: What Drove up Zinc Prices in 2016?


2016 SMM Summit: China Lead Concentrate Production Suffers Greatly from Environmental Protection Inspections in 2016

SMM Summit 2016: Which Direction Will Lead Price Go in 2017?

SMM Summit 2016: Hot Topics of China Lead Market in 2016 and Outlook for 2017

SMM Summit 2016: What Are Driving Factors behind Surging Lead and Zinc Price? SMM Interviews 


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