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SMM Rare Earth Weekly Survey: Rare Earth Product Prices Held Steady
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SHANGHAI, Apr. 22 (SMM) – SMM’s latest survey revealed that prices for major rare earth products held steady last week, with only several categories showing marginal declines.

Prices were RMB 34,000/mt for lanthanum oxide, RMB 36,500/mt for cerium oxide, RMB 367,500/mt for praseodymium oxide, RMB 325,000/mt for neodymium oxide, RMB 282,500/mt for didymium oxide, RMB 4,850/kg for europium oxide, RMB 1,775/kg for dysprosium oxide, RMB 131,000/mt for gadolinium oxide, RMB 65,500/mt for cerium misch metal, RMB 382,500/mt for praseodymium-neodymium alloy and RMB 1,825,000/mt for dysprosium-iron alloy.

Rare earth market was quiet last week with trading light. Cargo holders reported difficulty in selling goods given depressed demand. Trading activity was damped with pessimism prevailing in the market. In addition, Guangdong reported progresses in cracking down on illegal operations as the government tightened control over rare earth industry. The Association of China Rare Earth Industry held a conference in Shanghai, and future development of China’s rare earth industry was a major topic.

SMM expects prices for rare earth products to remain stable this week.


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