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BHP Billiton signs nickel supply agreement with Tesla
Jul 22,2021 11:44CST
Source:BHP Billiton
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BHP Billiton today announced the signing of a nickel supply agreement with Tesla, a world-renowned sustainable energy company.

(Nickel West), owned by BHP Billiton, will supply Tesla with nickel as a raw material for battery manufacturing. Western Nickel, located in Western Australia, is one of the nickel producers in the world that are most concerned about sustainable development and low carbon emissions in the production process.

Tesla is a world-renowned manufacturer of electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems with a mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Nickel is a key metal raw material for the production and manufacture of Tesla battery technology.

Pan Wenyi (Vandita Pant), chief commercial officer of BHP Billiton, said: "it is estimated that the demand for nickel in battery manufacturing will increase more than fivefold over the next decade, mainly to support the world's growing demand for electric vehicles."

"We are very pleased to sign this agreement with Tesla and join hands to exert the power of technology and innovation to promote the sustainable development of the battery supply chain."

At the same time of product supply cooperation, BHP Billiton and Tesla will also join hands to promote the sustainable development of the battery supply chain. Key areas of cooperation include the application of blockchain technology to achieve end-to-end traceability of raw materials, the exchange of needed goods in the production technology of battery raw materials, and the promotion of the importance of sustainable development in the resources industry. and explore partners who have a high degree of agreement with BHP Billiton and Tesla in terms of ideas and principles and battery value chain.

In addition, BHP Billiton will also cooperate with Tesla in energy storage solutions to actively explore low-carbon emission reduction opportunities in their respective production processes by increasing the proportion of renewable energy and combining battery energy storage technology.

Edgar Basto, president of BHP Billiton's mining business in Australia, said: "the products supplied by BHP Billiton are one of the lowest carbon-intensive nickel raw materials in the world, and our mines are steadily moving towards achieving net zero emissions from their own operations. Sustainable, stable, reliable and high-quality nickel raw materials are essential to meet the needs of sustainable energy manufacturers, including Tesla. "

"BHP has always been committed to investing in the sustainable development of operating assets and is committed to expanding future-oriented commodities, including nickel, in an effort to support the global decarbonization process and create long-term value for our business development."

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