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New Energy News Roundup

iconMar 18, 2021 14:13
After visiting a number of first-tier lithium companies, SMM found that compared with the third quarter of last year, the current lithium prices almost doubled.

SHANGHAI, Mar 18 (SMM) — This is a roundup of news in the new energy industry for today.

Prices of lithium carbonate rose sharply and still had upward space

It was found that compared with the third quarter of last year, the current lithium prices almost doubled after visiting a number of first-tier lithium companies. The latest report also showed that as of March 12, the average domestic market prices of battery-grade lithium carbonate stood at 83,500 yuan/mt, up 6,000 yuan/mt in one week, and the spot prices doubled in four months. Some professionals estimated that compared with the current price, lithium prices still had a 50% increase. In fact, this is also the rise of lithium prices again after 2016.

Guotai Junan: The shortage of automotive chips caused by the imbalance between supply and demand is expected to gradually return to normal in the third quarter of 2021

Guotai Junan pointed out that the recovery of the global automotive industry exceeded expectations, and short-term pressure on chip supply brought about a shortage of automotive chips, which will have an impact on global automotive production and sales in the first half of 2021, with the second quarter having a greater impact. However, the supply side will gradually improve due to price increases and the game of giants. It is expected that short-term automotive chip problems will be gradually eliminated in the third quarter, and the global automotive industry will continue to recover in H2. OEMs and suppliers that have the ability to supply automotive chips will benefit in the near term. The target BYD is recommended, and the target Star Semiconductor will be benefited.

Top 10 self-driving car startups with high growth potential

Start-ups with high growth potential in the autonomous automobile industry will become world-renowned leaders in the autonomous automobile field. Start-up companies are selected based on the evaluation of their market size, good performance on several parameters, well-known investors and future growth prospects.

Out-of-control accidents of pure electric buses occurred in many places, Guangdong Transportation Department: investigations one by one across the province

The Guangdong Provincial Department of Transportation issued the "Warning Notice on Further Enhancing the Safety of Bus Operation" that day, stating that since 2021, there have been many accidents in which pure electric buses have lost control and caused casualties or hidden accidents in many places across the country. There have been many accidents involving the safety of urban bus operations.

Volvo: Production of Chinese and American auto plants will be suspended or adjusted in March due to the shortage of chip supply

According to a media report on March 18, Volvo Cars said on Wednesday that due to the shortage of global semiconductor chip supply, the company will suspend or adjust production in China and the US in March. "We expect the situation to become severe in the second quarter, so we decided to take measures to minimize the impact on production, while improving the situation through daily work," Volvo said in an e-mailed statement. "Volvo Cars will temporarily suspend or adjust the production of some car plants (in the US and China) in March," the statement said.

SAIC Infineon: expected to sell 2 million new energy vehicles this year

A relevant person from SAIC Infineon stated at the SEMICON CHINA forum that the sales of new energy vehicles in 2020 will exceed 1.3 million units, a record high. At the same time, according to the forecast of the Automobile Association, the sales growth rate in 2021 will be about 40%, which means that sales this year are expected to be around 40%. 2 million new energy vehicles were released.


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