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The new cars that are worth paying attention to at the Auto Show of the Express Review of New cars.
Sep 27,2020 08:11CST
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SMM News: September 26th, the biennial Beijing Auto Show kicked off. This is the first Class An auto show in the world affected by the epidemic this year, and it coincides with the peak car buying season of Jinjiu Silver Ten, and all car companies are trying to show their strength. So, what are the new cars worth paying attention to at this auto show? Today, let's take a brief inventory.

FAW-Volkswagen Golf 8

As a classic model of Volkswagen, Golf 8 is undoubtedly one of the models that fans are looking forward to. The new car was first unveiled on October 24, 2019, and nearly a year later, domestic models finally met us. At present, FAW-Volkswagen has officially announced the pre-price of the new car, which is 15-165000 yuan, and is expected to be officially listed this year.


Inheriting the classic look may not be much new, but the smart driving and interactive experience brought about by CANFD and in-car Ethernet technology for the first time have also made the new car known as "digital golf". It is a pity that the overseas 1.5TSI EVO engine has not been introduced, and the consumers who are interested can wait.

SAIC famous MG5

After MG6 gradually gained a foothold in the compact car market, SAIC Mingjue launched the latest MG5 model. The new car also focuses on young sports style, the front face shape is very visual impact, and the shape looks quite like the shadow of a luxury brand coupe, coupled with beautiful body colors, should be more popular with young people.


The power part is expected to have a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine in the entry-level version, and the high-end model may have the 1.5T set on the MG6, which is quite exciting. It is reported that the price of the new car will be around 80,000 yuan, combined with the market performance of its brother Roewe i5, it will be a popular model if nothing happens.

Geely Xingrui

Xingrui is a brand new compact car owned by Geely, which has always been named "PREFACE". The new car is based on the "Tech Geely 4.0" CMA super-parent architecture, will be equipped with Volvo Drive-E series 2.0TD engine + 7DCT power combination, and is expected to have a good dynamic performance thanks to the matching of the CMA architecture to the whole vehicle performance.


The new car will also be equipped with rich technology configurations, such as intelligent navigation, front collision warning, pedestrian identification and so on, to enhance competitiveness. Personally, however, Xingrui's styling design is not very outstanding, some are too conservative, in fact, Geely's new cars launched in recent years are rarely eye-catching. Geely may have to make more efforts in this area in the future.

BMW M3 / M4

To be honest, when M3/M4 first released the spy photo, a considerable number of onlookers said they were not optimistic about it, of course, due to its exaggerated "big nostril" front face. But when you really see a real car, it is completely a pair of "really fragrant" law. After all, the rate of turning back is more than 200%, and no one will ever think of it as an ordinary 3-series (4-series has also changed the latest design style).


Performance is as grumpy as ever. The 3.0L in-line six-cylinder engine has 510hp and 650Nm in the Thunder version, and even the regular version has 480hp and 550Nm, coupled with this class of near-extinct 6MT manual transmission, the new M3/M4 can be said to be designed for driving. There's nothing to say. Buy it if you have money!

WEY Tank 300

Whether styled or named, the tank 300 will almost always be unforgettable. As the first model built by the WEY brand based on the "Tank WEY" platform, the new car not only uses a load-bearing body design, but also has a time-sharing all-wheel drive system and "three locks" rarely seen in the same class, which gives it extremely strong off-road capability.


But don't think it's just a rugged tough guy, in fact, it is equipped with rich technology and comfort, even as a daily commuter car will not be out of place, which is very competitive at the moment. The only thing to see is the final price, but in any case, the life of the horse herder will not be so easy.

Modern Paris

Maybe some friends are not very familiar with the Hyundai car. To say a few key words, medium and large SUV, size is the same as Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, 7-seat layout, all 3.5Liz8AT + four-wheel drive, pure import. How much do you think it will cost? It may be a little unbelievable to say it, but it sells for only 29.88-329800 yuan.


Yes, performance-to-price ratio is the greatest advantage of modern Paris. Leapfrog size, leapfrog power, and also sold in a purely imported way, is not unattractive. Only in terms of brand strength, Hyundai is indeed poor, sales are not expected to be particularly ideal. Of course, if you want to "pick up leaks" later, it will indeed be a good choice.

Found the sports version of PHEV

It is inconceivable that the Land Rover brand, which has long been known for its luxury and performance, will launch a plug-in hybrid model that focuses on fuel economy. But in any case, I found that the sports version of PHEV is still here. The new car will be equipped with a plug-in power system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor. The maximum power of 1.5T engine is 200 horsepower and the maximum power of motor is 109 horsepower. Transmission matching 8-speed manual self-integrated gearbox, ternary lithium battery provided by Ningde Times, pure electric life of 62km under NEDC condition, the new car can be recharged in only 30 minutes.


The data is still very good, and the plug-in hybrid system is expected to improve the fuel economy of the new car. This is a good thing for the Discovery Sports version, which is already the most popular model of Land Rover, since it has a wider audience. But the only thing to note is that the 1.5T engine of this car is a three-cylinder engine. So. You know.

Harvard's first love

first love? At first hearing this name, I am sure you will be as surprised as I am. But when you think of the "free self" that a brand recently named a new car, you can probably guess which brand it is. Yes, after big dogs and good cats, the Great Wall has brought a unique small SUV, called first Love. The new car is actually a replacement of Harvard H2 and will compete with mainstream models such as Baojun RS-3 and Changan CS35 PLUS in the future.

The new car is based on the "lemon" platform and continues the family design style in style. the large-size intake grille with narrow headlights on both sides has a high degree of identification. the power part of the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T engine to match the power assembly of a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox, which belongs to the normal level of this level. Build for family users, as to whether "first love" can become their first car, it should be verified by the market.


From Yajiahua

The domestic middle and high-end MPV market has always been dominated by Buick GL8, there are not many models of the same level to choose from, and a few high-quality models are also sold in China by import, the price is relatively high. However, with the arrival of Kia Jiahua, this situation may change.


As Kia's medium and large SUV, Jiahua adopts a relatively strong design style, which looks very atmospheric; the wheelbase of 3090mm protects the internal space, and it is worth mentioning that it will provide a variety of seat layouts, such as 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on, to meet different travel needs, which will be an important advantage.

The new car is expected to be officially listed in China within next year, the price will not be disappointing, combined with its good production capacity, it should be able to pry some potential users of GL8.


These are some of the new cars that we have simply selected that are hot and the model itself has a good quality performance. Of course, the new cars at this year's Beijing Auto Show are far more than these, and there are more topics waiting for you to explore. The auto show will last until October 5, followed by the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, and it can be expected that the auto market will be very busy in the second half of the year. Interested consumers can continue to follow.

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