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Castillo Copper found that the copper content in higher-taste copper ores was as high as 28.4%.
Sep 24,2020 15:55CST
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SMM9, March 24 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- Mining company Castillo Copper (CCZ) has recently confirmed the existence of a better-tasted copper deposit at its Big One deposit in Queensland, with results from cuttings samples collected from the excavated ore and the entire unexplored area of the deposit. Among the 24 gravel samples, the results showed that the copper content of some samples reached 33.2%, 32.1%, 26.6%, and the average value of 24 samples was 6.7%.

Castillo Copper said these measurements were consistent with previous drilling results, with a copper content as high as 28.4%. Simon Paull, the company's general manager, said the company's drilling team was now working with landowners in the area to start a drilling program in mid-October. "it is good news to ensure that high-end cuttings analysis is consistent with previous drilling activities on the eve of drilling." The new detection method well verifies the high grade ore found in the Big One deposit.

Castillo Copper plans to start its next drilling campaign on October 12, but before the program begins, the company's geological team will revisit the site to ensure that the drilling target is correctly targeted and that the best results are obtained.

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