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Weekly scheduling meeting of air pollution prevention and control held in Tangshan
Sep 22,2020 13:27CST
Source:Website of Tangshan Municipal people's Government
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SMM Network: September 21, Tangshan held air pollution prevention and control work week scheduling meeting, Vice Mayor Li Guifu attended the meeting and made a speech.

Li Guifu demanded that we should do a good job in rectifying and rectifying the problems reported by provincial eco-environmental protection inspectors with a highly responsible attitude. It is necessary to strictly implement the "responsibility system" for rectification and reform of problems. Strictly implement the problem rectification and reform of the "sales number system". Strictly implement the "inquiry system" for problem rectification and reform. Those who act slowly and practice fraud in the rectification and reform work will be seriously held accountable.

It is necessary to further focus on the "eight o'clock in the morning" phenomenon. Operation Zero will continue from now until the end of September. Keep a close eye on production control in the latter part of the night, check enterprises, carts, construction sites, and "scattered pollution" to ensure the overall effectiveness of management and control. "zero tolerance" for environmental violations, forcing enterprises to abide by the law, meet the discharge standards, and take the initiative to fulfill the main responsibility of environmental protection management.

It is necessary to further improve the fine level of urban environmental management. Give full play to the fortress role of special classes in 8 eco-environmental protection demonstration zones. Improve the working mechanism, implement the work responsibility, strengthen the command and dispatching, and ensure that the role of the special class is brought into full play. Strictly implement the responsibilities of urban environmental management of relevant departments at all levels. Especially carry on the high-frequency inspection to the cooking fume control situation of the catering restaurant around the national control point, if it does not meet the requirements of environmental protection, it shall be ordered to suspend business and rectify within a time limit, and if the problem is serious, it shall be ordered to close according to law

The person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment informed the city of the air quality last week, the law enforcement inspection of relevant enterprises, the reporting of letters and visits, and rectification, and put forward clear requirements for this week's work; the relevant departments directly under the municipal government reported on the law enforcement inspection last week and assigned the key work next week; the responsible comrades of Lubei District, Fengrun District, Luanzhou City, and Lubei District Guoyuan Township spoke on the rectification and reform work of relevant issues.

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