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Copy the lithium battery market? A list of the core targets for fuel cells to meet the policy of strong catalysis
Sep 18,2020 17:58CST
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SMM News: with Tesla Battery Day approaching, the future trend of fuel cell technology attracts the attention of the market.

In 2019, Musk first mentioned the "Tesla April Company Symposium" (Tesla Battery Day) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the company's chemical batteries, modules and assembly, structure and manufacturing plans. and give a clear roadmap for each year to come. Affected by the epidemic, the battery day originally scheduled for April 2020 was postponed several times and was finally scheduled for September 22, 2020 Pacific time. Guoyuan Securities said that Tesla, as a forerunner, has acted frequently recently and is expected to lead the mainstream direction of technological innovation in the next stage.

Catalyzed by this message, attention has been paid to the evolution of cathode materials, negative electrode materials and battery modules. According to industry insiders, the background pattern of Tesla's invitation poster for Battery Day is considered to be a structural diagram of silicon nanowires, a new battery material. This week, related concept stocks all ushered in a wave of market, such as Tiannai Technology, which has developed conductive paste applications for carbon nanotubes, rose more than 14% in the week.

Since 2019, countries have significantly accelerated their planning on hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

Focusing on China Merchants Securities, China Merchants Securities believes that China's domestic industry is expected to rely on the advantage of scale to further form a cost advantage, and then form a more leading competitive advantage in the world. It is suggested to pay attention to the fuel cell industry chain.

At present, domestic brands have stepped up their research and development, SAIC recently officially released a hydrogen strategy that can be summarized as "1 million", and BYD will supply blade batteries to Mercedes-Benz parent company Durham in the near future. Investment promotion point of view that the development of fuel cells is expected to copy the path of the lithium industry, China is expected to give birth to a number of excellent enterprises. As the fuel cell industry becomes large-scale in China, the related costs will also fall rapidly.

On September 8th, Beijing issued the Development Plan of Beijing hydrogen fuel Cell vehicle Industry (2020-2025), which has begun to focus on the layout of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry.

Citic Securities interpretation said that the fuel incentive policy thinking is further clear, in the "high-quality area" + "core components" of the main line, and further clarify the "core components", "national linkage", "hydrogen energy heavy truck" three key points. The policy ideas conveyed by the Ministry of Finance further clarify the guiding direction, which is of great benefit to the industry. There is a sound layout in areas with high hydrogen endowment and strong financial strength, and system manufacturers with independent core technologies will be expected to benefit.

From January to July this year, the total nominal investment in the domestic hydrogen energy industry exceeded 130 billion, an increase of more than 30 per cent over the same period last year. Chuancai Securities predicts that after the formal introduction of the subsidy policy, the domestic hydrogen energy industry investment will increase substantially again in the fourth quarter, and it is recommended to pay attention to Yihuatong-U, Meijin Energy, Xiongtao shares, Houpu shares and so on.

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