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[SMM special topic] the sales volume of car companies increased in August compared with the same period last year. "Golden Nine Silver Ten" consumption season is worth looking forward to!
Sep 16,2020 14:11CST
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SMM9 March 16: thanks to new energy activities in the countryside and local government support for new energy vehicle consumption, the scale of new energy vehicle market is steadily rising. According to data from the China Automobile Association, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 106000 and 109000 respectively in August, up 6.0% and 11.7% from the previous month, and 17.7% and 25.8% respectively over the same period last year.

Recently, the major auto companies disclosed August car sales data, it can be seen from the following table, car companies in August sales growth, of which Weimar Motor, Lulai Motors the biggest increase. Weimar sold 2057 cars in August, up 143 per cent from a year earlier, while Lulai sold 3965 vehicles, up 104.1 per cent from a year earlier. On the whole, with the recovery of the car market, the sales of car companies have increased.

Weimar car

Sales of Weima cars have increased month-on-month compared with the sixth consecutive increase. Among them, the cumulative sales of its first intelligent pure electric SUV Weima EX5, have exceeded 30, 000 since it started delivery in September 2018. At the same time, Weimar's "Thousand cities and Thousand stores" channel expansion plan continues to accelerate. Weima opened 30 new stores across the country in August, and the number of new stores has reached 94 so far this year.

Earlier, there were media reports that the financing of Weimar Automobile D-round had been completed, and the leading investor came from SAIC. It is expected that Weima Motor will complete the industrial and commercial changes in the past two weeks. It will begin to declare the Kechuang Board at the end of September and land on the Kechuang Board at the beginning of 2021.


The delivery volume of Weilai in August reached 3965, an increase of 104.1 per cent year-on-year and a new monthly sales record, of which 1125 were delivered by Lvlai ES8, up 67.5 per cent from the same period last year and 2840, up 58 per cent from the same period last year. According to relevant data, as of July this year, ES6 has been the champion of pure electricity SUV sales for 10 months in a row. At the same time, ES6 also appeared in the list of pure electricity sales in the second quarter of 2020, ranking first in the SUV category.

Li Bin, founder, chairman and chief executive of Xilai, said the company had its best monthly performance ever in terms of delivery and order growth in August. With the continuous improvement of product production capacity, the monthly production capacity will reach 5000 units in September. With the recently announced end of the ADS offering, the company has further improved its balance sheet and optimized its capital structure in order to better accelerate the development of core technologies, especially autonomous driving and global market expansion.

SAIC Group

SAIC GM Wuling once again handed in its brilliant report card, with overall sales reaching 148000 vehicles, up 17% from the same period last year, and achieving positive sales growth for the fifth month in a row. Among them, Hongguang MINI EV8, which is known as the "popular king of new energy", sold more than 15000 units in monthly, bringing a strong sales increase for Wuling.

Overall, SAIC remains the top seller of domestic automakers, but its key joint venture brands such as SAIC-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM still show a decline in sales in August. For example, SAIC-Volkswagen sold 145000 vehicles in August, down 3.97 per cent from a year earlier.

Jianghuai Automobile

JAC sold 41569 vehicles in August, up 57.58 per cent from a year earlier. Since achieving a "V-shaped rebound" in April, JAC has maintained positive growth for five consecutive months. Of this total, passenger car sales were 13000, an increase of 42.1% over the same period last year and 2.7% month-on-month.

Subdivided into specific models, in the field of SUV, the representative models Jiayue X4 and Jiayue X7 have a steady growth momentum. In terms of cars, the Jiayue A5 continues to stabilize at 2000 units per month, while in the MPV model, Ruifeng M3 with a good comprehensive strength, the average monthly sales are maintained at 2000 vehicles, and Synchronize growth in SUV, cars and MPV areas gradually promotes the Jianghuai passenger car market appeal.

Overall, the sales performance of the whole car enterprises in August is good, especially the performance of the new power car companies is particularly prominent. New power car companies are gradually becoming an important participating force in the new energy market. In terms of product planning, EE7, the fourth new car of Xilai Automobile, was exposed or mass produced in the fourth quarter of next year. Weima released its AVP autonomous parking technology jointly developed with Baidu, and unveiled the first new mass production model equipped with AVP autonomous parking technology, becoming the brand with the fastest landing and fastest mass production of L4 self-driving technology in the world. Ideal car will be the first to launch a full-size SUV, of the same class as Mercedes-Benz GLS in 2022. The car will use a new generation of add-on hybrid system, followed by the development of medium-sized and compact SUV to expand the product line.

China Automobile Association said that from the development trend of the industry, commercial vehicles driven by policy, investment will continue to maintain a good growth trend; In terms of passenger cars, the recent consumption Promotion month, New Energy vehicles to the Countryside and other activities carried out by government departments, as well as policies to promote consumption in various places, will effectively boost national consumption confidence. at the same time, the Beijing International Auto Show, which opens in late September, will promote the full launch of new products by enterprises, superimposing the demand for self-driving trips brought about by the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, which will also further boost automobile consumption. And then increase the popularity of the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" consumption season.

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