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Sichuan: more than 200000 charging piles for new energy vehicles will be built in 3 years.
Sep 16,2020 09:41CST
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SMM News: a few days ago, the General Office of the Sichuan Provincial people's Government issued the "Sichuan Province Action Plan for accelerating the Construction of New Infrastructure (2020-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"), clearly proposing to "speed up the construction of a new infrastructure system for the future". Among them, increasing the construction of new energy vehicle charging piles and carrying out vehicle-road coordination pilot demonstration are also mentioned. Sichuan may further speed up in new energy vehicles and intelligent network connection.

It is mentioned in the "Plan" that the main objectives of this measure are: "after three years of efforts, the construction of a new type of infrastructure has made a breakthrough and become an important support for the province's economic and social transformation and development, innovative development, and leapfrog development." Among a series of specific construction goals, there are mainly two goals related to the development of the automobile industry: one of them is to build more than 200000 charging piles for new energy vehicles.

The "plan" said that in the future, it will speed up the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure network system. We will speed up the construction of public (special) charging infrastructure in public service areas such as schools, hospitals and tourist scenic spots. We will actively lay out the fast charging infrastructure along expressways and provincial highways to form an inter-city fast charging network connecting major cities in the province. Implement the demonstration project of "charging piles into the community", promote the construction of centralized charging stations, and so on.

In addition, the Programme also refers to the pilot demonstration of vehicle-road coordination. We will explore the establishment of vehicle networking and vehicle-road collaborative test, testing and certification standards, and promote the "pilot demonstration of vehicle and vehicle networking standards and test verification" project of "China-Germany Cooperation Intelligent Network". Sichuan base and intelligent highway project construction. Pilot demonstrations of vehicle-road coordination will be carried out in Duwen Expressway (Longchi Section), Chengdu Expressway, Chengyi Expressway and key roads of the Universiade. Support enterprises to carry out application innovation around vehicle networking applications.

Editor's comments:

Not long ago, Sichuan Province announced 18 measures aimed at encouraging the development of new energy / smart cars, with specific incentives / subsidies for each measure. The introduction of the "plan" will further guarantee the infrastructure and become another good thing for the development of the automobile industry in Sichuan Province.

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