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Li Dian Wanli Xing Jiangxi part-- the sixth Station Jiangxi Guangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Sep 10,2020 16:34CST
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SMM9 March 10: under the influence of the epidemic, subsidy retreat and brand-new policies, we will be able to better achieve accelerated counter-overshoot and rapid warming in the second half of the year. We have integrated the upstream and downstream enterprises located in the industrial chain, so why don't we follow our "lithium power travel" and inspect the production situation of raw material enterprises in China's lithium power industry on the spot? From September 8th to 11th, SMM Executive Director Ma Qiong, SMM New Energy Director Wang Tian, and marketing consultant Yu Lei led SMM staff and representatives of downstream lithium enterprises to visit Jiangxi lithium power industry raw material enterprises. The delegation was sponsored by Shanghai Fresi Valve, Zhejiang Kaiyi Environment and Ningbo Boye Valve. The fifth stop Jiangxi Guangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise voice

Today, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises came to Jiangxi Guangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangde Environmental Protection and other leaders expressed a warm welcome and received. First of all, the business development of the company is introduced in detail.


Jiangxi Guangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection high-tech enterprise, located in Guangchang County Industrial Park, covering an area of 107 mu. The company was founded in May 2010 and listed on the "New third Board" in March 2015, stock code: 832049.

The company specializes in the disposal of industrial hazardous waste, with nearly 30 patents for waste treatment and utilization, advanced and perfect automation equipment. Through the recovery and utilization of all-metal elements of hazardous waste, we can produce high-quality new energy battery materials and build a circular environmental protection industry chain of "hazardous waste recovery-utilization-new energy materials-harmless disposal". To become an overall solution provider of hazardous waste sludge disposal and utilization and a supplier of new energy battery materials. The company puts in place the harmless treatment of hazardous waste at one time, does not need to transfer secondary pollution, and truly realizes "terminating the harmfulness of waste and recycling waste resources". Guangde environmental protection annual production of nickel sulfate 3000 metal tons, cobalt sulfate 500 metal tons.

Since its establishment, Guangde Environmental Protection has paid attention to the development of science and technology and is committed to technological innovation and product research and development. The company has 26 state-authorized patents, including 6 invention patents, which have been converted and utilized in enterprise production. In order to speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation, the company signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement with Jiangxi University of Technology and a technology development agreement with Central South University, Sun Yat-sen University and Jiangxi University of Technology. In April 2018, Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Research Institute and Jiangxi University of Technology jointly compiled Jiangxi local standard "Technical Specification for Wet treatment of Copper-Nickel Electroplating sludge". In 2018, the company was rated as a high-tech enterprise.

Visit the factory

Subsequently, representatives of SMM and downstream lithium enterprises visited the Guangde environmental protection factory.







exchange of technical know-how

Representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises had in-depth exchanges on the development status and products of Guangde environmental protection.


Inspection unit license

SMM specially set up an inspection unit licensing link to add a sense of harmonious development and pleasant communication between the inspected enterprises and the inspected enterprises. Ma Qiong, executive director of SMM, awarded the license to Guangde Environmental Protection on the spot.


Take a group photo as a souvenir

After visiting the factory, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises took a group photo with Guangde Environmental Protection to increase their deeper cooperation and friendship. I believe there will be deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future!


After this visit and research, SMM and representatives of downstream lithium enterprises have a deeper understanding of Guangde's products, technology, and company development, as well as a deeper understanding of the market situation, development trend, and existing problems of the lithium industry, and will continue to deepen cooperation with major enterprises to achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote the development of China's lithium industry.

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