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Second stop Jiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Sep 8,2020 21:15CST
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SMM9 March 8: under the influence of the epidemic, subsidy retreat and brand-new policies, we will be able to better achieve accelerated counter-overshoot and rapid warming in the second half of the year. We have integrated the upstream and downstream enterprises located in the industrial chain, so why don't we follow our "lithium power travel" and inspect the production situation of raw material enterprises in China's lithium power industry on the spot? From September 8th to 11th, SMM Executive Director Ma Qiong, SMM New Energy Director Wang Tian, and marketing consultant Yu Lei led SMM staff and representatives of lithium downstream enterprises to visit Jiangxi lithium power industry raw material enterprises. The second stop is Jiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise voice

Today, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises came to Jiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yongxing Materials, Zou Weimin, Deputy General Manager of Yongxing Materials and General Manager of Yongxing New Energy, Liu Huafeng, General Manager of Yongxing Lithium Carbonate Department, and Dr. Zheng Zhuoqun, Minister of Yongxing New Energy Development Department, extended a warm welcome and reception. First of all, Dr. Zheng Zhuoqun introduced the business development of the company in detail.

Jiangxi Yongxing Special Steel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yongxing New Energy") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yongxing Materials, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. Yongxing New Energy is based on Yifeng's investment in the construction of 30,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate / lithium hydroxide production project. Mainly engaged in the comprehensive development, utilization and processing of lithium mineral resources, as well as the research and development, production and sales of lithium new energy materials. The industrial chain includes mining plant, concentrator, lithium carbonate plant, cathode material plant and other projects. The total investment of the whole project is about 3 billion yuan. After all the project is put into production, the comprehensive business income will exceed 10 billion yuan, the total amount of profits and taxes will exceed 1 billion yuan, and more than 1000 jobs will be created. Yongxing New Energy aims to carry out a comprehensive layout in the field of lithium new energy materials and power vehicles, speed up the localization of lithium new energy materials, contribute to the rapid development of new energy and energy storage related industries, and promote the development of human society. Step by step, create a better life.

Visit the factory

Subsequently, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises, led by Liu Huafeng, general manager of Yongxing Lithium Carbonate Division, visited the Yongxing New Energy plant and deeply understood that Yongxing New Energy had made a large number of unique process innovations, optimization and improvements on the basis of the original lithium mica extraction technology, and creatively introduced the tunnel kiln roasting lithium mica technology. This technology mainly makes full use of the waste heat of the roasting kiln for drying, which can effectively save about 20% of natural gas consumption and reduce tail gas sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition, the tunnel kiln can accurately control the temperature, make the lithium mica and auxiliary materials react fully, fix fluorine and reconstruct, and improve the leaching rate. Compared with the rotary kiln, the degree of automation is higher and more stable.

exchange of technical know-how

Representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises had in-depth exchanges with Yongxing New Energy on the company's production status, products and other aspects.

Yongxing New Energy has a production capacity of at least 10, 000 tons in the first phase and a monthly output of 1100 tons of lithium carbonate. the second phase of the project mainly includes 20, 000 tons of lithium carbonate and 10, 000 tons of lithium hydroxide. battery-grade lithium hydroxide is made directly from lithium mica. At present, the mineral processing project with an annual output of 1.2 million tons has been put into production. In addition, the 250000-ton concentrator of Jiangxi Yongcheng Lithium Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is being revamped, with 500000 tons of mineral processing in the year after reaching production.

The products of lithium carbonate are mainly battery-grade lithium carbonate and quasi-electric carbon, and the output accounts for 40% and 60% respectively, both of which are 99.6%. The difference lies in the difference in potassium and sodium content. For example, the potassium and sodium content of electric carbon is 0.002% and 0.005% respectively. The content of potassium and sodium in on-time carbon is 0.005% and 0.01% respectively. Electric carbon is mainly used in lithium iron and lithium manganate. This year, the 5G base station market is very good. Lithium iron and lithium manganate are in good demand.

The company's total investment is about 3 billion yuan and started production in 2018, but for investors, the stock price fell from 28 yuan / share to 13.8 yuan / share mainly because the price of lithium carbonate fell seriously, but our cost control is better. Now we are gradually waiting for the market to recover.

Inspection unit license

SMM specially set up an inspection unit licensing link to add a sense of harmonious development and pleasant communication between the inspected enterprises and the inspected enterprises. Ma Qiong, executive director of SMM, awarded the license to Yongxing New Energy on the spot.

Take a group photo as a souvenir

After visiting the factory, representatives of SMM and lithium downstream enterprises took a group photo with Yongxing New Energy to increase their deeper cooperation and friendship. I believe there will be deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future!

After this visit and research, representatives of SMM and downstream lithium enterprises have a deeper understanding of Yongxing new energy, as well as a deeper understanding of the current market situation, development trend, and existing problems of the lithium industry, and will continue to deepen cooperation with major enterprises to achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote the development of China's lithium industry.

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