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The European Commission regards bauxite as a "key raw material"
Sep 8,2020 13:54CST
Source:CICC net
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SMM: it is reported that the European Commission has added bauxite to the list of key raw materials in 2020 and shared an action plan and a forward-looking study on strategic technologies and industries in 2030 and 2050.

The inclusion of bauxite in the European Commission's list of key raw materials marks the role of the aluminium industry in supporting Europe's transition to a green and digital economy.

Because of its unique performance, aluminum has become a material for clean technology manufacturers in applications such as renewable energy, batteries, power systems, resource-efficient packaging, energy-efficient buildings and clean mobility.

Research shows that although the global demand for aluminum will grow rapidly by 50% in the next 30 years, the demand for raw materials will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. Therefore, Europe needs to develop an ambitious and responsible global procurement strategy for bauxite.

Today, bauxite produced in Europe accounts for only 10 per cent of its bauxite processing, and its dependence on imports has deteriorated seriously in the past few years. By maintaining a flexible, autonomous and complete European aluminum value chain, the risk of supply chain disruption can be minimized.

The European Commission expects that the inclusion of bauxite in the list of key raw materials will increase political attention in our value chain and promote new capacity for primary and secondary aluminium.

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