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Jiangxi Lithium Power Co., Ltd.-- the first stop Jiangxi Feiyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Sep 8,2020 15:55CST
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SMM9 March 8: under the influence of the epidemic, subsidy retreat and brand-new policies, we will be able to better achieve accelerated counter-overshoot and rapid warming in the second half of the year. We have integrated the upstream and downstream enterprises located in the industrial chain, so why don't we follow our "lithium power travel" and inspect the production situation of raw material enterprises in China's lithium power industry on the spot? From September 8th to 11th, SMM Executive Director Ma Qiong, SMM New Energy Director Wang Tian, and marketing consultant Yu Lei led SMM staff and 20 + industry customers to visit Jiangxi lithium power industry raw material enterprises. The first stop was Jiangxi Feiyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise voice

Today, SMM came to Jiangxi Feiyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Wei Dongdong, Executive Director and CEO of Feiyu New Energy, Pan Longhui, General Manager, and Pan Rui, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Vice President, extended a warm welcome and reception to SMM. First of all, Feiyu New Energy introduced the business development of the company for SMM in detail.

Jiangxi Feiyu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., located in Yichun with the reputation of "Lithium Capital of Asia" and "City of Moon Culture", is located in Fengxin Industrial Park with a total construction area of 77660m ².

Founded in March 2011, with Jiuling New Energy Group relying on the unique resource advantages of Jiuling Mountains and relying on the disciplinary and technological advantages of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Feiyu developed a full set of green and high-value production process integrating mining, separation and metallurgy. Feiyu took the lead in overcoming the technical difficulties of extracting lithium from iron-lithium mica, and successfully completed a 10,000-ton lithium carbonate production line for lithium mica in February 2018.

It is a lithium mining and lithium carbonate production enterprise in the upper reaches of the new energy automobile industry chain, and a lithium mica mine with its own property rights. and has successfully opened the "lithium mica ore-concentrate separation-lithium sulfate brine-industrial lithium carbonate-battery lithium carbonate" production line, has formed outstanding advantages in all aspects of the industrial chain.

Three advantages

It has the advantage of the whole industry chain from lithium mica ore to products.

Raw ore: the company relies on Yichun's rich lithium mica ore resources. Yichun City has the largest lithium mica mine in the world and has formed a complete industry chain for lithium mica processing. At present, in Huaqiao Dagang porcelain clay mine of Jiuling New Energy, the reserves of lithium mica are more than 100 million tons, and the average grade of the first lithium oxide in Asia is 0.6%. And the impurity content is low, the metallurgical difficulty of lithium extraction is low and the cost is low.

Mineral processing: the company began the extraction of lithium mica concentrate in 2011. the lithium content of the concentrate, the whiteness of feldspar powder, the yield of tantalum, niobium and tin and cost control are far ahead of their peers and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

Lithium extraction: the company has built a 20,000-ton / year lithium carbonate production line in two phases, the construction period of the first 10,000-ton production line is only 6 months, and the construction period of the second phase of 10,000-ton production capacity is only 3 months. the construction cost is 1 million 6 of that of similar listed companies, and the process is constantly optimized and improved, and the product quality and cost control are far ahead of the industry.

Visit the factory

Subsequently, SMM and his party visited the Feiyu New Energy plant and exchanged views with relevant technical leaders on lithium mining and lithium carbonate production.

exchange of technical know-how


Inspection unit license

SMM specially set up an inspection unit licensing link to add a sense of harmonious development and pleasant communication between the inspected enterprises and the inspected enterprises. Ma Qiong, executive director of SMM, awarded the license to Feiyu New Energy on the spot.

Take a group photo as a souvenir

After visiting the factory, SMM and 20 + industry customers took a group photo with Feiyu New Energy to increase their deeper cooperation and friendship. I believe there will be deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future!

Investigation of Jiuling Mine

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