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Xinwanda wins Liuqi power exchange project BEV/HEV high-end business "multi-blossom"
Sep 8,2020 08:22CST
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SMM Network News: at present, "changing power" is increasingly becoming a new tuyere in the field of new energy vehicles, including the Ningde era, including many battery manufacturers are actively layout. As a strong force in the domestic power battery market, Xinwanda has also begun to enter the promising field of power exchange, and its multi-point blossom in the field of BEV and HEV has also made its overall power battery business territory constantly enriched and expanded.

Switch in and change power

A few days ago, Xinwanda announced that Xinwanda Electric vehicle Battery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently received a letter from Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. on the selection of battery package suppliers for the power exchange project. The company was officially selected as the Synchronize development supplier of Dongfeng Liuqi parts to supply power battery assembly products for its power exchange project.

As we all know, as a kind of technology and business model innovation, the power exchange mode has been strongly supported by the state in policy. In the national subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2020, it is clear that the separation mode of electric vehicles based on power exchange technology is clearly affirmed. Electric vehicles with a price of more than 300000 yuan must have the ability to exchange electricity before they can enjoy car purchase subsidies. In addition, in the government work report of the two sessions in 2020, the exchange of power stations was included in the category of new infrastructure for the first time.

"with the power exchange mode, the price of new energy vehicles will be greatly reduced, and car owners will only consider the convenience of changing electricity, and they only need to pay for it. There is no need to worry about the performance of the battery, just like changing gas tanks, who cares about the old and new gas tanks, as long as they run out of gas and then change them, as long as they are safe! The demand for batteries will increase exponentially, and so will the professional recycling. " Some people in the industry express their views on the power exchange mode, and they also think that it will greatly increase the battery demand.

Xin Wanda said that Dongfeng Liuqi is currently one of the major automobile manufacturing companies in China, and the company has been selected as the supplier of Dongfeng Liuqi power exchange project, which is an important development in the electric vehicle battery business of the company. it will help to enhance Xinwanda's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of electric vehicle batteries.

BEV and HEV go hand in hand

It is understood that since the start of the power battery business in 2008, Xinwanda has developed rapidly. According to data from the Power Battery Application Branch, the installed capacity of power batteries for Xinwanda New Energy vehicles in 2019 was 645.01 MWH, a year-on-year increase of 580.02%, ranking 10th in China.

In the field of BEV, Xinwanda has achieved brilliant results. Data show that by 2019, the cumulative shipment of Xinwanda BEV products has reached 21736 units, totaling about 1.11GWH, of which 13092 sets of independent batteries have been shipped, totaling about 0.7GWh. At present, the energy density of Xin Wanda's mass-produced BEV power cell has reached 224 Whhand kg, the energy density of the power cell developed by the company's laboratory can reach up to 300 Whhand kg, and the energy density of the company's power battery system has reached 180Wh/kg.

Xin Wanda is not only strong in the BEV field, but also in the industry leading position in HEV battery technology. "at present, we have developed two HEV square cells, which have certain advantages in energy density, high rate charge and discharge, environmental weather resistance, high safety and reliability, long life and so on." Liang Rui, group vice president of Xin Wanda Electronics Co., Ltd., said that the performance of the HEV battery developed by Xin Wanda is similar to that of LG Chemistry. In 2019, it was the first to obtain the fixed points of customers of international car companies such as Renault and Nissan, and began to supply in bulk this year.

It is understood that Xinwanda received a supplier fixed-point notice issued by the Renault-Nissan Alliance in April 2019, and the demand for related models is expected to reach 1.157 million in the next seven years (2020-2026). The product will adopt the power cell solution and power battery system solution independently developed by Xinwanda, and the order amount is conservatively expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

In May 2019, Xinwanda was designated as the power battery supplier to be developed for Project X of easyJet (a joint venture between Renault, Nissan and Dongfeng). In the next 2020-2025, Xinwanda will provide battery packages for about 366000 related models.

It is worth noting that in June 2020, Nissan announced that it would work with Xin Wanda to develop the next generation of car batteries for the e-POWER system. The two sides will jointly develop the next generation of on-board batteries suitable for e-POWER smart charging technology models. In addition, Nissan will discuss with Xin Wanda the development of an efficient production system to ensure a stable supply of jointly developed batteries.

High-end production capacity is gradually released.

In order to meet the increasing demand for orders, Xinwanda has accelerated the pace of capacity expansion.

July 10, Nanjing Xinwangda Phase I factory mass production delivery, the project has completed two HEV production lines and one BEV production line, with 4GWh production capacity. The Nanjing Xinwanda project has a total investment of 12 billion yuan, which is divided into three phases of construction, of which the first phase invests 3.5 billion yuan to build about 8GWh cell and 8GWh battery system production line project; the second phase plans to invest 4 billion yuan, the project will add 10GWh cell and 10GWh battery system production line; the third phase plans to invest 4.5 billion yuan, the project will add 12GWh battery and 12GWh battery system production line; when the project reaches production, it can form the production capacity of 30GWh cell and system respectively.

According to Liang Rui, the original purpose of the Xinwanda Nanjing project is to supply high-end customers (including Nissan and Renault). At present, Xinwanda insists on the high-end customer positioning strategy, which has taken a solid first step, which is of great significance. Xinwanda's HEV battery first achieved large-scale mass production in Nanjing, which is different from many other domestic power battery manufacturers, highlighting Xinwanda's unique advantages.

It is understood that at present, the introduction of Xinwanda products into front-line high-end customers at home and abroad is progressing smoothly. With the continuous introduction of customer orders and the gradual release of production capacity, the power battery business will gradually reach production and produce benefits. In addition to the planned 30GWh capacity of Nanjing base, the cell production line of Pack and 2GWh capacity of 6GWh capacity of Xinwangda Huizhou base has been put into production, and the remaining 2GWh will be put into production this year.

With continuous technological breakthroughs, continuous optimization of orders and continuous release of production capacity, the strength of Xinwanda, which is in the limelight, in the field of new energy vehicles has made the industry more and more impressed.

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