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Southwest Copper Industry: notes on "Tiefeng" of excellent quality
Sep 7,2020 10:46CST
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SMM News: unexpectedly, this inconspicuous' small problem', you went all the way to the scene to communicate and deal with. We have also given feedback on similar problems to other enterprises many times, but in the end, we did not pay enough attention to each other. " This is what Yang Jintang of South China Copper Department of Foshan Xinghai Copper Aluminum Industry said to the marketing staff of Southwest Copper, a subsidiary of Yunnan Copper Industry.

Recently, Yunnan Copper Marketing Company and Southwest Copper Co., Ltd. jointly visited customers in Sichuan, Chongqing and South China to return the after-sales quality of Tiefeng brand cathode copper, which was generally praised by customers.

Look back and never forget where you came from.

Think more about the future forward

After decades of struggle and accumulation, Yunnan Copper Tiefeng cathode Copper has become one of the most reliable cathode copper brands in China, and creating excellent quality is also the unremitting pursuit and market business card of several generations of Yunnan Copper people.

In 1998, Tiefeng cathode copper was successfully registered in London Metal Exchange (LME); in 2004, it won the title of "Chinese famous Brand", won the National Silver Award and the title of national customer satisfaction product; in 2013, the "Tiefeng" high purity cathode copper produced by permanent cathode process was registered in Shanghai Futures Exchange and won the honorary title of "Yunnan famous Brand products" for many years in a row. These are the marks that the southwest copper industry once led the development of the copper smelting industry.

However, with the continuous change of the institutional adjustment of the southwest copper industry, as the production of Tiefeng brand cathode copper, the southwest copper industry is also facing some practical problems. Since the separation of raw material procurement and product sales, Southwest Copper has become a pure production unit, gradually reducing its contact with customers and the market, and gradually forming a simple factory thinking management model. At the same time, with the rapid development of copper smelting at home and abroad, especially the rapid expansion of a large number of new copper smelting capacity in China, coupled with the application of new technology and new equipment, the quality homogenization difference of cathode copper products is getting smaller and smaller, and there are more and more customer selectivity. the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the quality advantage and brand influence of Tiefeng cathode copper accumulated for many years have been impacted.

How to re-establish the quality advantage of Tiefeng brand cathode copper in the new round of quality and market competition in the future, make Tiefeng brand cathode copper become a first-class product and always maintain the brilliance of "Tiefeng" has become a difficult problem in front of the southwest copper industry.

"Product quality is the basis for the survival of enterprises, and quality management is always on the way. For the southwest copper industry, improving product quality is not only a topic, but also the eternal pursuit of the enterprise. " Southwest Copper in 2018 Chinalco "quality pacesetter Award" award-winning team said.

Market-oriented reform to solve the problem

The real grasp and practical work has yielded results.

"grasp the quality assurance market" is the quality creed of Southwest Copper Industry. In order to strengthen the source of profits and consolidate the foundation of survival, after groping and trying, we finally determined an innovative road of market-oriented reform. Since the problem is brought about by factory thinking, we should use market-oriented thinking to solve the problem.

The southwest copper industry first piloted, gradually implemented the market-oriented reform, took the index value orientation as the starting point, the internal marketization pilot as the breakthrough, and the market-oriented assessment as the guidance to drive the transformation of people's market-oriented ideas. it has gradually changed the current situation of "selling what is produced" and turning to the production and operation mode of "what customers and the market need".

In order to understand market changes and customer demand, Southwest Copper Industry, through market investigation, customer visits, industry benchmarking, fully grasping the current situation of the industry, understanding customer demand, and grasping market changes, combined with the characteristics of its own production management, quickened the pace of internal market reform, formulated the goal of "creating a first class in an all-round way" of "first-class efficiency, first-class products, first-class team, and first-class environment", and implemented "one-year improvement." The action plan of "three-year Leap" has opened a new journey.

Through the guidance of market-oriented reform and the implementation of "creating first-class in an all-round way", customer consciousness and market consciousness have been gradually formed among the production units in Southwest Copper Industry. The upstream units regard the downstream units as customers, take the initiative to strengthen the communication with the downstream units, pay attention to the impact of the intermediate products they produce on the downstream production and quality, and make every effort to create conditions for the downstream units to produce products that meet the quality requirements. All production units and relevant management departments take the cathode copper of the final product as the core, increase quality investment from the aspects of management, equipment, technology, etc., and establish a quality risk early warning mechanism, product quality weekly report tracking and monitoring mechanism, product after-sale quality tracking and feedback mechanism, all production units and management departments within the company work together to form a community with a shared future for quality. The company's external and sales units, the use of customers to build a community with a shared future for quality, to achieve weal and woe, win-win cooperation.

"Southwest Copper closely links production, sales and customers, removing communication barriers between the company and customers, and face-to-face continuous improvement and win-win cooperation is a good way." Chongqing Pigeon Brand Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. sales staff said.

Through efforts, under the unfavorable conditions of increasingly complex raw material sources and uneven raw material quality, Southwest Copper Industry has made great efforts to create the competitive advantage of raw material differentiation, give full play to the process characteristics and management advantages, and form a unique secret recipe for miscellaneous materials to produce fine products. In recent years, the cathode copper products of Southwest Copper Industry have continuously achieved breakthroughs in quantity and quality, the ability of quality service has been continuously enhanced, customer satisfaction has increased year by year, and the influence of Tiefeng cathode copper market has been continuously consolidated.

Deep roots, fine planting, strong lean

Persevere in protecting the brand

"A child in the history of the copper industry, 60 years at the foot of the 'Tiefeng' mountain." With the development of 62 years, Southwest Copper Industry has a very deep self-understanding of quality management. "quality is the life of the enterprise" is the quality consensus rooted in corporate culture.

In order to achieve common growth, Southwest Copper has also extended some of its own management methods to the suppliers. With a sense of mission that is highly responsible to its customers, it has always been deeply ploughed and carefully planted on the road of improving product quality. With the concept of "competition in the market, competitiveness in the field", we always pay close attention to product quality.

Yunnan Copper Industry pays great attention to the cold and warm of customers, and the emphasis on product quality continues to be strengthened. from smelting units to sales departments, Yunnan Copper Industry takes the initiative to attack all lines, maintain close contact with customers, actively understand customer quality perception, and ask about the pain points of cooperation. with the attitude of customers regardless of size, strive to ensure that customers have needs, we have a response, in a very rapid way to solve what customers urgently need.

"from product sales docking, warehousing mode selection, supply assurance, quality assurance to after-sales feedback, it has reduced a lot of trouble for us." Wanbao Copper spoke highly of the "nanny" service of Southwest Copper.

With the strong support of superior units and their own efforts, Tiefeng brand product quality has been upgraded, and after-sales service has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Southwest Copper has been taking good care of the image of "Tiefeng", so that "do not accept substandard products, do not manufacture substandard products, do not flow out unqualified products", adhere to the concept and requirements of "total quality management", adhere to high standards in order to have high quality, adhere to the high quality of the whole process, and do it right at once. Insist that "the product is produced". To create excellent quality, customer circle continues to expand, business volume continues to grow, reputation continues to improve, forming a strong brand influence, won the full affirmation and high evaluation of customers. At present, Xinghai Group has formed a comprehensive cooperation momentum with Yuntong, the business cooperation has expanded from South China to East China and North China, the regional comprehensive cooperation continues to improve, and the win-win situation between the two sides continues to break through. Southwest Copper has become one of the most trusted partners of many domestic copper processing enterprises, building a solid community with a shared future for quality, and contributing Yunnan Copper's strength to China's manufacturing to China's quality.

Southwest Copper Industry is building a high-quality development road of invigorating the industry with quality and strong brands, persevering in the maintenance of the "Tiefeng" brand, adhering to the principle that "system effectiveness is the foundation, process control is the key, and product inspection is the guarantee." for "building a world-class copper smelting enterprise" to hand over the first-class full marks of products in the new era for "building a world-class copper smelting enterprise".

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