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Delivery of the first 700Volkswagen ID.3 to Norway is about to begin
Sep 1,2020 10:30CST
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SMM: according to reports, Volkswagen confirmed that the first batch of 700 ID.3 pure electric vehicles have arrived in Norway, and the delivery of this new model, which is vital to Volkswagen, is about to begin.

As Volkswagen's first electric vehicle based on the MEB platform, ID.3 will lead Volkswagen's electric offensive. The development and release process of ID.3 is a little different from other vehicles. Volkswagen started production of the ID.3 in November last year, producing thousands of ID.3 before the development of vehicle software was completed. As a result, Volkswagen has ample inventory of ID.3, which will be delivered to consumers in the coming weeks.

J ü rgen Stackmann, head of marketing at Volkswagen, shared a video in which the first batch of 700ID.3 arrived in Norway, which Volkswagen expects to become one of the important markets for the electric vehicle. Stackmann said the vehicles will be shipped to Volkswagen dealerships in Norway and are expected to be delivered to consumers in early September.

It is not clear how many Norwegian consumers have booked ID.3, but if nothing happens, Norway will be one of ID.3 's biggest markets for two reasons. First of all, the overall sales of electric vehicles in Norway are high; in addition, the Volkswagen brand is very popular in the Norwegian market.

Volkswagen will first deliver a high-configuration version of ID.3, or ID.3 Pro Performance. This version is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 58kWh, a rear wheel drive system of 150 kW (200hp) and support for 125kW DC fast charging. After the entry version is available, the starting price of the ID.3 will drop to 330000 Norwegian kroner (about $37500).

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