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[attention] the official says that the new energy vehicle market will welcome many advantages.
Jul 24,2020 11:08CST
Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that to speed up the development of the new energy vehicle industry, it is necessary to speed up the release of the New Energy vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035).
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SMM7 March 24: yesterday, Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at a news conference of the State Information Office that new energy vehicles represent the development direction of the automobile industry. Speeding up the development of the new energy vehicle industry is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. Since the demonstration and promotion of "Ten cities and Thousand vehicles" was launched in 2009, after years of continuous efforts from all sides, the development of China's new energy vehicle industry has made great progress and has become an important force leading the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

At present, the scale of the new energy vehicle industry is the leading in the world, and its production and sales have ranked first in the world for five consecutive years. The cumulative promotion of new energy vehicles has exceeded 4.5 million, accounting for more than 50% of the global total. In addition, the system of the development of the whole industry is becoming more and more perfect, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as basic materials, batteries, motors, complete vehicles, electronic control and production equipment, have basically been connected. The supporting environment for the industry has also been continuously optimized. a total of 38000 charging stations have been built, 449 power stations have been replaced, and 1.3 million charging piles of various types have been built, including 551000 public charging piles and 749000 private piles. At the same time, China has also built a "ten vertical and ten horizontal two rings" 49000 km highway fast charging network.

In the past, everyone was worried about whether new energy vehicles could leave the city and run between cities. Now tell you, don't worry, you can run. Many of our highways have charging stations where there are gas stations, so there is still a guarantee to go out.

On the whole, the impact of the epidemic on the development of China's automobile industry is still phased, and we say that the fundamentals of the automobile industry are still relatively stable.In the next step, we will further implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the operation of the industry, and take effective measures to maintain the steady development of the automobile industry.

First, we should further promote the effective implementation of the policy of promoting automobile consumption. Although some provinces have introduced some policies to promote consumption, there is still some distance in landing, which needs to be supervised. The relevant localities should be encouraged to promote the scrapping and renewal of old cars so as to further unleash the potential of consumption.

Second, accelerate the development of new energy vehicle industry. It is necessary to speed up the release of the New Energy vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035). At present, the planned research work has been completed, and we have now reported it to the State Council. We will further strengthen our confidence in promoting the development of the new energy industry and further clarify the development goals. At the same time, we also want to further issue an action plan to implement the electrification of vehicles in the public domain, and prepare to further promote electrification in buses, taxis, urban logistics vehicles, including sanitation cleaners. Many of our cities have completed the electric transformation in this respect, such as the transformation of Shenzhen buses into trams. For example, there are also some buses in Beijing that use trams, and a large number of taxis are new energy vehicles, which we need to further promote. At present, the demand for urban logistics vehicles to be changed into new energy vehicles is still relatively high. At present, the contribution rate of diesel vehicles to the smog in cities is very large, so the electrification of logistics vehicles between these cities will be of great significance for the control of urban air quality. At the same time, we also organize activities to carry out new energy vehicles to the countryside, and strengthen the promotion of new energy vehicles.

Third, we should further deepen the reform of "release management and service", optimize vehicle examination and approval procedures, lower the threshold of entry, and release the vitality of the market. For example, recently, together with the financial and tax departments, we have realized the new energy vehicle tax preferential catalogue and product announcement "one declaration, one review, one batch release", which has greatly reduced the time limit for examination and approval and reduced the burden on enterprises. We believe that through the promotion and implementation of these policies, led by some pilot demonstrations in various places, the development of the automobile industry will still show a vibrant situation.

The market research report believes that the large-scale verification and application of 5G vehicle-road collaborative vehicle network will become an important direction of new infrastructure investment. It is optimistic about the roadside builders of the car network, which has both the advantages of project reserves and resources, and the enterprises with leading R & D capabilities on the vehicle side.

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