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Yunnan: difficulties and suggestions on the extension of Nonferrous Metals Industry chain
Jul 17,2020 10:22CST
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SMM: on the morning of July 7, the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference held a counterpart consultation in Kunming, inviting some provincial CPPCC members, experts and scholars, and enterprise representatives, and responsible persons of relevant party and government departments to carry out face-to-face interactive exchanges and counterpart consultations around "difficulties and suggestions on the extension of the non-ferrous metals industry chain."

Keynote speech

Zhu Shaoming, member of the standing Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference

This counterpart consultation is one of the important tasks of the provincial CPPCC this year. In order to turn this consultation into a realistic and pragmatic meeting with collective wisdom, the Economic Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference has done some basic work in the early stage, and since March, it has conducted in-depth research around the topics of consultation and formed an investigation report. Combined with the previous research, this paper puts forward the following five key issues that need to be negotiated: the lack of industrial cluster brand effect and the insufficient degree of Calendering processing and utilization. There are few terminal product manufacturing enterprises. The industrial chain shows the characteristics of "big front end and small back end". The proportion of mining and smelting enterprises is large, and the proportion of Calendering processing enterprises is small, especially the downstream terminal product manufacturing enterprises are obviously insufficient, the innovation-driven development support is insufficient, and the production technology and equipment is relatively backward.

In view of the main problems mentioned above, the research group put forward consultation suggestions: it is suggested that the central Yunnan new area should be coordinated as a whole at the provincial level, and that the park should consult and cooperate with the "flying to the ground" government to jointly build a number of advantageous non-ferrous metal industry bases. Relying on the resource endowment and the existing industrial foundation, we will strive to promote the extended, complementary and strong chains of the non-ferrous metals industry and improve the industrial system. While extending to the upper reaches of the industrial chain to enhance the resource security capacity, it also extends to the lower reaches of the industrial chain to enhance the supporting capacity of the industry, and promote the local processing and transformation of non-ferrous metal materials and the local consumption of products. We will increase the support of fiscal, taxation and financial policies, and the provincial finance will add special support funds for the intensive and deep processing industry of non-ferrous metals in the annual budget, and strive to promote the construction of innovation platforms for the non-ferrous metals industry, the introduction of high-level talents, technological research and development, and process transformation and upgrading. Give full play to Yunnan's green energy advantages as a major province of hydropower resources, and promote the deeply integrated development of green energy industry and non-ferrous metal industry. We will actively promote the informationization, intelligence and digital transformation of enterprises, and improve the production efficiency and efficiency of enterprises.

Members spoke

Sun Yong, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee of China Copper Co., Ltd., director, and executive vice president: make more efforts to achieve industrial cluster development.

In recent years, the Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial people's Government have thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on Yunnan's work, relying on energy advantages, vigorously promoting the supply-side structural reform of the non-ferrous metals industry, and optimizing the industrial layout. the extended development of the industry has achieved substantial results and has become a strong support for building a world-class "green energy brand". However, compared with the advanced provinces and regions, there are still many problems. The main manifestations are as follows: the industrial product structure is unreasonable, the industrial homogenization is serious, the degree of comprehensive utilization of resources is not high, and the lack of industrial chain coupling.

From the point of view of connecting overseas upstream, optimizing products in the middle reaches, and intensive and deep processing downstream, to achieve industrial cluster development and create a new highland for the development of non-ferrous metals, it is suggested that we should support superior enterprises to "go out" in all directions. support enterprises to optimize and adjust the industrial layout, support and guide enterprises to take the road of high-end development, and vigorously enhance the coordination ability of scientific and technological innovation. China's copper industry is constantly extending the industrial chain through measures such as integrating resources, smelting process reengineering and increasing cooperation with scientific research institutes, enhance the added value of products, and strive to create a "highly sophisticated" non-ferrous metal industrial cluster. to achieve the goal of "strong province of non-ferrous metals" and "strong province of industry", and contribute to the strength of copper.

Zhang Tao, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Yunnan Tin Group (holding) Co., Ltd.: increase policy support and improve technological innovation capability

At present, Yunnan non-ferrous metal resources are still generally faced with problems in the downstream extension and upstream integration: the structural contradiction of industrial products is still prominent, and the technological innovation capability is insufficient. Compared with the developed areas, there is still a big gap in the construction of innovation platform, the research and development of basic common key technologies, intensive processing technologies and applied technologies are insufficient, and the breakthroughs of key core technologies are slow. The effectiveness of the integration of high-quality non-ferrous metal resources has not been brought into full play, and there is still a lot of room for the integration of domestic related resources. There are deficiencies in the elements related to the extension of the industrial chain.

Suggestion: improve the ability of industrial technological innovation. We will support leading enterprises in Yunnan tin and other industries to take the lead in establishing provincial and national innovation centers for new materials for deep processing, integrate innovative resources such as enterprises, scientific research institutions and downstream application industries in the province, and jointly promote industrial technological breakthroughs. Vigorously extend the development of intensive processing industry chain, cultivate non-ferrous materials industry clusters. To create a non-ferrous metal resources integration platform with leading enterprises as the main body. We will increase policy support and support for key projects, strengthen the convergence of fiscal, taxation, financial, trade and other policies with industrial policies, promote industrial and financial cooperation, and increase financing support for key non-ferrous metal enterprises. We will speed up the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, support non-ferrous metal enterprises to create pilot demonstrations such as "two-way integration" and industrial Internet, and promote the application of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and 5G in the deep processing of non-ferrous metals and the whole industry. we should give full play to the promoting role of information technology in intelligent manufacturing, big data analysis and process control.

Yang Bin, vice president and professor of Kunming University of Science and Technology: integrate scientific and technological R & D resources and strengthen the construction of platform system

After years of development, the non-ferrous metal industry in Yunnan Province has basically formed a number of non-ferrous metal industrial clusters represented by aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, titanium, silicon, germanium, indium and so on. But at present, Yunnan Province is facing a series of difficulties in extending the non-ferrous metal industry chain represented by aluminum, copper, tin, silicon, lead, zinc, indium and germanium, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of these industries.

Suggestions: further integrate the human resources of scientific and technological research and development, strengthen the cooperation of "government, industry, university and research", adopt diversified investment in scientific research, and mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological R & D personnel. We will strengthen the construction of the public technology platform system and strengthen the supporting role for the extension of the non-ferrous metals industry chain. Combined with the common needs of the extension of the non-ferrous metals industry chain in Yunnan Province, taking independent innovation as the driving force, we strive to build a technology platform service system of government guidance, enterprise participation, diversified investment and sustainable development. to provide professional technical services based on research and development, consultation, testing, verification, personnel training and so on. Cultivate and introduce talents to provide talent support for the extension of Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry chain. Relying on Kunming University of Science and Technology, Yunnan University and other institutions of higher learning, vocational colleges, scientific research institutes and enterprises, through directional training, joint training and other ways to train R & D personnel, suitable skilled personnel, senior skilled workers. Strengthen international cooperation and promote the international development of leading enterprises. At the same time, we should actively support qualified enterprises to "go global", cultivate global enterprises and enhance their international status.

Li Junpeng, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and director of Kunming Precious Metals Research Institute: implement brand strategy based on resources.

At present, Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry has gradually formed a perfect non-ferrous metal industry system such as exploration, mining, classification, smelting, processing, manufacturing, design, research and development, sales and so on. At the same time, the development pattern of non-ferrous metal industrial base and industrial cluster based on resources and industrial park as the carrier has basically taken shape.

Like other new material industries, there are many common problems in the non-ferrous metal industry, such as the lack of a high-level R & D platform and research team, the overall technical level is not high, the industrial competitiveness is not strong, and the supporting and engineering capabilities are weak. the degree of industrialization of high-end products is low, and the competitiveness and market share of non-ferrous metals industry urgently need to be improved. In the talent team, the basic research team is unstable, the mobility of engineering applied technology team is not enough, the mobility of talents in emerging industries is too large, and so on.

Suggestion: control new non-ferrous metal mining and smelting projects from the source according to relevant laws and regulations, strategies, plans, policies and standards. We should give full play to the role of financial industries at all levels in guiding special funds and various industrial funds, and increase support for the non-ferrous metals industry. We will conscientiously implement the market-oriented trading plan for electricity, and actively encourage enterprises that meet the requirements of industrial policies and environmental protection to carry out market-oriented trading of electricity. We will support the construction of innovation platforms, strengthen the training and introduction of talents, and implement major scientific and technological projects and application demonstration projects. Promote high-end product research and development, implement brand strategy, implement standardization strategy.

Ma Zhukuan, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and chairman of Yunnan Zhenxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd.: strengthen supervision and guide industrial development

The lead and zinc industry in Yunnan has also made great achievements in the past 20 years, and has gradually become one of the important industries in the economic development of our province. The employment problem of more than 200,000 people in Yunnan has been solved. But at the same time, the era of imported raw materials in Yunnan has begun 10 years ago, the weight of imported raw materials will become increasingly prominent, and the shortage of lead and zinc resources has become the main bottleneck restricting the development of Yunnan lead and zinc industry. In addition, the high cost of financing is also one of the factors restricting the development of the industrial chain of lead and zinc enterprises. In addition, Yunnan is located in the frontier, the lead and zinc industry chain requires high-end science and technology, legal risk control and other professionals are scarce, environmental protection has become the premise of industrial development, lead and zinc metal consumption has entered a platform, the development of recycling industry has the phenomenon of disorderly competition and other difficulties.

Suggestions: take measures to integrate lead and zinc resources in Yunnan as soon as possible, promote the restoration of the construction and production of some leading mining enterprises as soon as possible, increase local finance and taxation, and solve the problem of local employment. The interaction between banks and enterprises provides financing support to enterprises with stable development, excellent assets and good reputation rating. We will further introduce incentive measures to support the introduction of talents in enterprises, and reduce personal income tax or other incentive measures for core technical personnel and senior managers. Finance subsidizes investment in environmental protection for large-scale enterprises. We will solve the problem of decreasing the growth rate of consumption in the lead and zinc metal market and guide the extension of the lead and zinc industry chain of enterprises. For the phenomenon of disorderly competition in the development of the recycling industry, it is necessary to improve the system, refine measures, strengthen supervision, and guide the standardized development of the industry.

Yuan Rong, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and chairman and general manager of Yunnan Jinxun Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

With the increasing degree of mining, the storage of non-ferrous metals in Yunnan Province is decreasing year by year, and the difficulty of mining is increasing. Yunnan non-ferrous metal enterprises are mainly smelting, the development of mine raw material production is seriously lagging behind, and the recovery and utilization capacity of non-ferrous metal renewable resources is insufficient. The level of technology and equipment is low, and there is a lack of core technology in the comprehensive utilization of high-end products and resources, mainly in the production and processing of primary products, insufficient investment in R & D, and limited ability of in-depth development and utilization. A series of problems in the non-ferrous metals industry, such as the lack of flexible platform, multi-level education and employment mechanism, the lack of high-level and compound technical personnel, especially the high-end talents with major breakthroughs, have become bottlenecks.

Suggestion: make a good resource reserve and continue to promote the resource strategy. An effective strategic reserve mechanism should be established, and measures such as total quantity control, planned mining and strategic reserve should be adopted to protect superior resources. Support the mining and utilization of deep, difficult and low-grade orebodies. Encourage and support enterprises to participate in or hold shares in overseas mines, and establish stable raw material bases by signing long-term purchase agreements with foreign mines, overseas investment in mines, and other ways. To create a non-ferrous metal resources integration platform with leading enterprises as the main body. Give full play to the role of Yunnan non-ferrous metal industry education and scientific research system, multi-level, multi-form training of middle and senior engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and technical workers. We will increase the construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms. Through capital operation, we should strengthen the combination of upstream and downstream enterprises or products of non-ferrous metals in the province, increase economies of scale, carry out industrial strategic reorganization, and give full play to the basic role of the market in the allocation of resources. to build large-scale and intensive non-ferrous metal enterprises and groups with international competitiveness. Take into account both interests and ecology, promote the upgrading of technological structure, and strengthen investment attraction.

Functional department response

Zhao Xiuchun, Deputy Director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission: perfecting the industrial policy system

Yunnan, as a major province of non-ferrous metals industry in China, is particularly prominent because the industrial chain is concentrated in the front end of mineral processing, smelting and so on. In the development of Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry, the industrial transformation and upgrading is slow and the industrial chain is short. Although it has a certain foundation, the transformation and docking channel of upstream and downstream innovation achievements of Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry is not smooth enough, and the R & D strength is mainly concentrated in the mining and metallurgical field. the supporting role in extending the industrial chain and middle and back-end materials is obviously insufficient. The effect of attracting investment in industry is not obvious, and the industrial investment is insufficient.

In order to speed up the transformation of Yunnan from a big province of non-ferrous metals to a strong province of non-ferrous metals, constantly optimize the industrial structure and extend the industrial chain. The next step is to deepen supply-side structural reform, increase innovation support, strengthen investment attraction, and increase investment. At the same time, we should do a good job in the timely and dynamic adjustment of industrial development policies, further improve the industrial policy system, and promote industrial development through precise policies.

Wang Yiguo, Chief engineer and second-Class Inspector of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: strive to extend the industrial chain

Relying on the advantages of resources and energy and promoting the combination of mining and power, the non-ferrous metal industry has developed into a pillar industry with unique advantages in Yunnan. However, there are some "shortcomings" in the non-ferrous metals industry, such as lack of innovation-driven endogenous power, overcapacity of mid-and low-end products in some industries, low-end value chain of basic materials, low industrial concentration and serious homogenization competition. has seriously restricted the quality and efficiency of development. It is no time for us to optimize the stock, enhance the increment and extend the industrial chain to promote the high-quality development of non-ferrous metals industry.

In the next step, Yunnan Province will rely on the advantages of clean energy and industrial foundation, seize the opportunity of national strategy and industrial transfer, and strive to build the non-ferrous metals industry into a distribution center for the production and processing of non-ferrous metals materials, a technology export center and a pacesetter for the development of new ideas, and become the vanguard of the "three orientations" of Yunnan's economic and social development. Promote the technological progress of the industry, strive to extend the industrial chain, and cultivate and develop new forms of industry.

Zhao Haibo, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology: improve the development level of industrial digitalization

The non-ferrous metal industry in Yunnan Province has formed a highly competitive raw material industry system based on mineral mining, smelting and processing, supported by scientific research, technology and talents, and is the third pillar industry in the province besides tobacco and energy. However, the shortage of high-quality resources, intensive processing needs to be improved; the slow construction of industrial technological innovation support system has become the main problem facing the extension of Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry chain.

In the next step, it will be suggested to support the construction of technological innovation platforms for non-ferrous metal processing industries such as Yunnan Aluminum processing Technology Innovation Center and Yunnan Institute of Materials genetic Engineering. We will speed up the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole industry chain of non-ferrous metals in Yunnan. Take the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the non-ferrous metal industry as the main line, speed up the construction of green digital mines, promote the construction of databases of rare and precious and characteristic metal materials, build a data-driven research and development system of new materials, and speed up the research and development of new materials. Build hydropower and aluminum intelligent information collaborative innovation system to enhance the digital development level of Yunnan non-ferrous metals industry.

Zhao Xiaojing, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Finance: support key leading non-ferrous metal enterprises

Non-ferrous metal industry is the traditional pillar industry of Yunnan Province and the ballast stone for the sustained and stable development of Yunnan industrial economy. Although after a long period of accumulation, the development of non-ferrous metals industry in our province has a solid foundation, great potential and obvious advantages, but the quality of development is not high at this stage, and the extension and development of non-ferrous metals industry chain is still facing some outstanding problems.

In the next step, the Provincial Department of Finance will support key leading non-ferrous metal enterprises to achieve the extension of the non-ferrous metal industry chain.

(source: Yunnan CPPCC News Network)

Yunnan Province issues measures for the Management of funds for Commercial Collection and Storage of Nonferrous Metals in 2020

In order to implement some measures of Yunnan Provincial Government [2020] 11 to support the development of real economy, according to the document issued by Yunnan Provincial Department of Industry and Credit and Finance [2020] No. 179, key enterprises will be supported to carry out commercial collection, storage and discount of non-ferrous metal products from July 10, 2020. This article further refines the collection and storage quantity of each variety, and gives the specific commercial subsidy information at the same time.

Storage management

(1) the upper limit of varieties and quantities: 110000 tons of cathode copper (GB/T 467), 340000 tons of aluminum ingots (GB/T 1196), 70 million tons of lead ingots (GB/T 469), 240000 tons of zinc ingots (GB/T 470s), 40 thousand tons of tin ingots (GB/T 728), 20 tons of zone melting germanium ingots (GB/T 26060), 50 tons of steel ingots (YS/T 257), and 1500 tons of titanium and titanium alloy ingots (GB/T 26060). According to the market situation, timely adjust the collection and storage plan and implement the allocation.

(2) the time limit for collection and storage: the period for collection and storage shall be one year, which shall be calculated from the date of issuance of these measures. With regard to the basic conditions of the storage enterprise, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology (convening unit) shall organize the enterprise to declare and undertake the storage voluntarily, and the enterprise shall meet the following basic conditions:

(1) the industrial and commercial registration shall be registered within the jurisdiction of Yunnan Province, and shall have the qualification for the production of non-ferrous metals and the ability to bear civil liability independently.

(2) the varieties of non-ferrous metals to be stored are self-produced products, which can be supported by bank loans for collection and deposit.

(3) comply with the relevant industrial policies and industry access conditions of the State, and the products meet the national quality standards.

(4) it belongs to the leading enterprise in the industry, has the warehousing capacity commensurate with the quantity of storage, has sustained and stable production during the epidemic, and has made great contributions to the stable growth of industry and the work of "six stability" and "six guarantees".

(5) production and operation in accordance with the law, there is no record of tax evasion or tax evasion in the past three years, and it has not been included in the list of joint disciplinary targets for breach of trust for violations of laws and regulations. There have been no major production safety accidents, major quality accidents or major environmental pollution incidents.

(6) the standard of discount subsidy and the fund algorithm. Discount subsidy funds 2 the actual amount of this loan X implements the loan interest rate X actual days of storage / 365 days X subsidy standard. 80% discount subsidy will be given to enterprises that store tin, indium, wrong and titanium, and 60% discount subsidy will be given to enterprises that store copper, electrolytic aluminum, lead and zinc.

The collection and storage measures in Yunnan are of positive significance in stabilizing the development of the real economy, supporting enterprise production, boosting market confidence and improving market expectations in the post-epidemic period. At the same time, it will absorb some of the excess production in the market, helping to improve fundamentals. (Yunnan Department of Industry and Information Technology)

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