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The storm hit the South African coast. The port of CAPE has been closed.
Jul 16,2020 09:55CST
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SMM7, June 16: Cape Town, South Africa is beginning to recover from three storms that swept across the terrain, bringing cold conditions and snow on high mountains, with seas and waves exceeding 9 meters (30 feet), according to the latest report. Port authorities Transnet said it was monitoring the situation closely to determine when it was safe to resume operations.

On Monday, July 13, stormy weather and extremely bad sea conditions caused waves of more than 9 meters to soar, interfering with the navigation of ships entering and leaving Cape Town. Considering the danger of the anchors left in Table Bay in this case, the ships moored outside sailed south, away from the coast. For the first time in many weeks, only one ship, an oil tanker called the Methane Julia Louise, was moored at an external berth.

Five ships were delayed entering the port on Tuesday, and by 12:00, all ships had been shelved. Transnet said late Tuesday that security remains a top priority for Transnet and that officials will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust their plans accordingly.

Port authorities say it will continue to test the surges and allow ships to enter Cape Town port safely. Under the condition that all gantry cranes and cargo operating equipment are safely fixed, the operation inside the port wharf has also been stopped.

The bad weather is expected to last until Thursday, July 16th. Port Elizabeth and Ngqura ports in the Eastern Cape province, further east of the coast, were also hit by high winds and all necessary measures had been taken to ensure the safety of employees and property, Transnet said.

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