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Tangshan further strengthens the response to the recent pollution weather process.
Jul 10,2020 10:10CST
Source:Tangshan Ecological Environment Protection leading Group Office
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SMM: relevant departments of counties (cities and districts), management committees of development zones (management zones), relevant departments directly under the municipal government:

After a joint meeting with the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the temperature in most parts of our city rebounded and remained high after July 9, with less cloud cover and easterly winds in the near surface, which will lead to a new round of moderate to severe pollution. In order to deal with the pollution process and reduce the pollution index. To improve the ambient air quality of our city, on the basis of the strengthening guarantee Plan of Tangshan Air quality in July, the following stringent control measures have been taken from 18:00 on July 9 to 18:00 on July 13:

I. increasing the proportion of emission reduction by industrial enterprises

1. Iron and steel enterprises resume the implementation of the enhanced guarantee Plan for Air quality in Tangshan in July, and all enterprises should improve the operation efficiency of pollution prevention and control facilities and minimize pollutant emissions.

2. Independent lime kilns, independent hot rolling, brick kilns, foundry, grinding stations, mixing stations strictly implement the "Emergency notice on further tightening Control" issued on July 5 to reduce emissions.

3. The coking time of the coking enterprise whose performance evaluation grade is "C" is not less than 32 hours, and the coking time of Guoyi coking and Baoliyuan coking of CDQ process overhaul is not less than 48 hours.

4. VOCs-related enterprises (including auto repair industry, 4S stores, excluding municipal party printing plants, newspapers) and enterprises related to VOCs processes stop production (except continuous production enterprises and processes).

II. Spraying and marking operations are prohibited

It is forbidden to carry out construction wall painting and decoration, road asphalt laying and marking, railing spraying and other operations.

Third, strengthen the management and control of mobile sources

1. Key vehicle users in Lunan District, Lubei District, High-tech Zone and Kaiping District are prohibited from entering or leaving the factory area (except to ensure safety in production).

2. Vehicles collected and transported into the port are prohibited from entering or leaving the port area (except for vehicles with IV and above emission standards for the protection of people's livelihood and products with special needs, as well as those that provide port collection and distribution services for inbound and outbound passengers).

Fourth, strengthen the control of dust.

Lunan District, Lubei District, High-tech Zone and Kaiping District all construction sites stop earthwork, slag trucks stop transport.

5. Other instructions

1. It will be included in the positive list of provincial eco-environmental supervision and the independent emission reduction of epidemic prevention and control material production enterprises to ensure the efficient operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and the stable discharge of various pollutants.

2. After 18:00 on 13 July, the Emergency notice on further tightened controls issued on 5 July was lifted together. All localities are invited to supervise the relevant enterprises and industries within their jurisdiction to be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements of control and control, and it is found that enterprises that have not been implemented should be dealt with in strict accordance with the "regulations on the Prevention and Control of Air pollution in Tangshan City". The Municipal Ecological Office will carry out the implementation of tighter control in various localities.

Supervision and covert visits, in view of the problem that it has not been put in place, accountability procedures will be initiated for those responsible for inadequate supervision and control measures caused by inadequate supervision and control measures in accordance with the "measures for Supervision and Accountability Management of Eco-Tangshan Construction (trial)" (Tangbanzi (2019) No. 2).

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