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St. George Mining: Mount Alexander nickel sulphide project enters the next phase of development and drilling
Jul 3,2020 13:38CST
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SMM7 March 3: recently, St. George Mining (St George Mining) 's Alexander Mountain Nickel Sulfide (Mt Alexander nickel sulphide project) project in Western Australia has entered the next phase of development and drilling. This week's deep diamond drilling program kicked off in the prospects of investigators, drilling a large 800-meter deep hole aimed at the depth of the ore system. The company has so far completed 4600m of shallow drilling at the Stricklands (Stricklands) deposit and is expected to obtain its first resource within weeks.

After the great success of the shallow drill bit, St. George turned to a deeper target and became the focus of St. George's attention. It is reported that the Alexander Hill nickel sulphide project is located in a gold mine in eastern Western Australia, about 100 kilometers west of Leonola. The project occupies strategic land on an undeveloped cathedral, and St. George's discovery spans more than 16 kilometers, including Strickland, Fairbridge, radar and fishhook mines.

In recent weeks, St. George's drilling program has focused on discovering Strickland (Stricklands) 's high-grade, near-surface nickel resources. Since the beginning of June, in the last month alone, these rods have rotated at a speed of 24am 7 in shallow deposits, with more than 4000 m of RC and 660 m of diamond drilling.

Close drilling in Strickland (Stricklands) has identified a nickel mineralization layer that is 450m long, 50m wide and 80m deep. Drilling and laboratory data will be pumped to Entech, a resource consultant, to speed up JORC modeling of deposits. These are important milestones in the scope study of potential entry-level mines on Mount Alexandria.

The company completed large-diameter diamond core drilling at Stricklands for metallurgical testing as part of its scope-defining study of Stricklands. Cores are currently being prepared for testing in Perth and Canada, and consultant XPS hopes to develop a flowchart to produce nickel concentrates from Strickland ores.

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