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Peruvian mining executives: Peruvian mineral production is expected to decline by 15% in 2020
May 28,2020 08:18CST
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SMM5: Peruvian mineral production is expected to fall 15% this year due to the new crown epidemic, and the decline is expected to cost Peru about $5 billion, according to a Peruvian mining executive.

Victor Gobitz, general manager of mining company Buenaventura, pointed out that the large-scale mining industry, which accounts for 80 per cent of the country's copper production, has not yet fully recovered and is expected to wait until early June.

Earlier, the Peruvian government said that Peru's mining recovery would go through four stages by August.

In 2019, Peru produced a total of 2.4 million tons of copper, second only to Chile.

As the epidemic has never been brought under control, Peruvian President Biscara announced on May 22 that in order to avoid further spread of the epidemic, the Peruvian government decided to make appropriate adjustments to the current policy of compulsory quarantine after the end of the national state of emergency on May 24 and extend it again until June 30.

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