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[SMM Analysis] the Central Environmental Protection Inspector calls the roll again! How on earth can the problem of manganese slag be solved?
May 12,2020 18:19CST
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SMM5, March 12: recently, the Ministry of Ecological Environment released the fourth Central Ecological Environment Protection Supervision Group to feedback the situation of inspectors to Chongqing, among them, the first round of inspectors feedback pointed out that 18 electrolytic manganese enterprises in Xiushan County have no anti-seepage system. Chongqing's rectification plan requires Xiushan County to complete rectification by the end of 2017. However, the inspector found that the rectification and reform work was perfunctory, and the renovation of the historical slag yard only replaced the construction of the anti-seepage system with a simple surface cover, and some of them were using the slag yard to change the construction scale without authorization, or even to discharge waste water stealthily; the Xiaoxi manganese slag yard, which was built with 14.56 million yuan of central financial funds, was idle for a long time and basically lost its function. Banan District is well aware that the elevation of Huangxikou sewage pumping station is too low, resulting in a large number of collected sewage and discharged into the river through the pumping station, but let it exist for a long time, so that the construction of sewage pipe network has become a "face project".

"Click to view details: central Environmental Protection Inspector: perfunctory response to the rectification and Reform of Xiushan Electrolytic Manganese Slag Plant

According to SMM, the treatment of manganese slag is not only in Xiushan area, but also in all parts of the country, including many electrolytic manganese producing areas such as Huayuan County, Xiangtan and Luxi County in Hunan Province, as well as many electrolytic manganese producing areas such as Guizhou Songtao. According to manganese plant producers, manganese ore and electrolytic manganese plants mainly bring pollution from manganese slag, slag leachate is very difficult to deal with, the main reason for the impact on the quality of local river water. According to SMM survey, the more common means is to treat manganese slag innocuously and solve it by means of sealing, but for small and medium-sized manganese plants in the market, the use of technical treatment will greatly increase the production cost of electrolytic manganese, so the treatment and utilization of manganese slag still have a long way to go.

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