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[SMM Analysis] demand for pre-May Day ready goods increases, low Grade Silicon Price rises slightly
Apr 30,2020 15:41CST
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SMM4 30: part of the low-grade silicon prices rose slightly this week, East China oxygen 55 silicon trading price in 10300 yuan / ton, oxygen 55 silicon trading price in 10800 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan / ton and 100 yuan / ton respectively compared with last Friday. At the beginning of the week, Xinjiang Dachang took the lead in raising prices. On the one hand, few manufacturers producing oxygenated low-grade silicon had a limited supply in the market, on the other hand, it was difficult to supplement the supply in the south in the coming May, so the factory decided to slightly increase its quotation to explore the market. In contrast, the trend of chemical grade silicon is slightly weaker, because chemical grade silicon trading is dominated by monthly orders, orders agreed this week in May continued to decline slightly from the previous month, and the port price of 42 tons fell below 12000 yuan / ton.

From the transaction point of view, after the stabilization of silicon prices last week, there have been some traders and downstream into the market to replenish the warehouse, after this week's price increase, the overall transaction is slightly weaker than last week, silicon factory orders to complete the main finished goods inventory has been digested. In addition, domestic expressway charges have resumed since the May Day holiday, and the imminent increase in motor freight charges is also a reason for promoting transactions.


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