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Weekly Review of selenium Market (3.30-4.3) calm Price and stable Operation of selenium City at the end of the month
Apr 3,2020 17:52CST
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This week, the trend of the domestic selenium market is clear, selenium prices remain stable; upstream and downstream on-demand procurement, normal trading.

Today, the transaction price of SMM99.9% selenium powder is 100-130 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 105-135 yuan / kg, all up 5 yuan / kg from last week, crude selenium transaction price is 62-70 yuan / kg, selenium dioxide transaction price is 64-68 yuan / kg, all the same as last week.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder transaction price of 6-7 US dollars / pound, the average price increased by 0.25 US dollars / pound. The price of refined selenium rose slightly this week, mainly because of the rising cost of raw materials. The trading price of crude selenium rose from 68 yuan / kg half a month ago to 70 yuan / kg last week, which is significantly higher than that during the Spring Festival. In addition, due to the impact of the overseas epidemic, it is difficult for foreign raw materials and refined selenium to supplement at home, and the supplement of short-term overseas resources will be relatively tight. The start of downstream manufacturers is relatively stable, although the industry has not yet stepped into the normal track, but under on-demand procurement, the current price can be supported.

Selenium: the selenium market operated steadily on Tuesday, manganese plants normally replenish a small amount of storage, the transaction price range is still stable in the SMM price range. At present, the quotation of selenium from upstream holders is generally in the range of 66-70 yuan / kg. In view of the fact that the cost of crude selenium has reached 68-70 yuan / kg, the willingness of merchants to offer is more obvious and can only accept a small counteroffer. At present, the operation of the downstream electrolytic manganese plant is still stable, and the stock of raw materials stored during the Spring Festival is being gradually digested, and will begin to replenish the stock one after another in April.

At present, the structure of the domestic selenium market is good, the supply side is stable and the downstream production is carried out in an orderly manner. Under the support of stable raw material costs, there may be more raw material procurement in the later stage, and selenium prices are expected to rise in April.

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