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[2 April SMM Steel City Morning News] Zhong Nanshan is expected to have an inflection point in the global epidemic at the end of April.
Apr 2,2020 10:06CST
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Breakfast news

Rising factor

1. Zhong Nanshan expects an inflection point in the global epidemic by the end of April

In an exclusive interview on April 1, Zhong Nanshan said he believed that with strong measures taken by various countries, the global epidemic could be brought under control. "I think it should be around the end of April, and the epidemic should have come down."


2. China cement Association: overall demand for the year has little impact

A few days ago, the operation of the cement industry from January to February 2020 announced by the Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission showed that due to insufficient demand and a sharp drop in sales, the revenue of the cement industry is expected to drop by more than 40 percent from January to February. However, the China cement Association said that for the whole year, the release of cement demand in 2020 is delayed, which has little impact on the overall demand for the whole year. Infrastructure and real estate will still play a strong supporting and pulling role in cement demand, and full-year demand is expected to remain at about 2.3 billion tons.

3. Central and local governments support the new policy of intensive landing of new types of consumption to accelerate the rise of

With the gradual effective prevention and control of the domestic epidemic situation, the consumer market potential ushered in the centralized release. Among them, online and offline integration and other new consumption patterns are injecting new impetus into the market compensation and consumption upgrading. Next, the Ministry of Commerce, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments will promote the development of new consumption from many dimensions, such as technology promotion, scene application, model innovation and so on. Local governments are also introducing intensive measures to promote the integration of online and offline consumption scenes, launching programs such as digitization of traditional retail enterprises, digitization of night economy, and digital transformation of neighborhoods (business circles). Carry out "cloud shopping", "cloud wholesale", "cloud convenience" and other promotional activities to speed up the release of the potential of the consumer market and accumulate energy for economic development.


Falling factor

1. Beijing released a list of tasks for the transformation of shantytowns and environmental improvement in 2020. The number of projects decreased month-on-month.

This year, Beijing will strictly implement the "Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-2035)," resolutely safeguard the seriousness and authority of the plan, consider the transformation of shantytowns with the population planning, land use, and industrial development of various districts, and plan at the same time as a whole. In 2020, there were a total of 115 projects for the transformation of shantytowns and environmental improvement in Beijing, covering a total area of 7979 hectares, down 16.7 percent and 20.97 percent respectively compared with 2019.

2. In March 2020, the inventory early warning index of automobile dealers in China was 59.3%.

On March 31, 2020, the latest issue of China Automobile Dealer inventory early warning Index Survey released by the China Automobile Circulation Association shows that the automobile dealer inventory early warning index for March 2020 is 59.3%, down 27.0 percentage points from the previous month, and up 7.2 percentage points from the same period last year. The inventory early warning index is above the rise and fall line.


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