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In the form of the Serabi (Serabi) report, gold production exceeded 40000 ounces for the first time in 2019.
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SMM1, March 14: Syracuse Gold (Serabi Gold) reviews its fourth-quarter operations and development activities in the Tapajos region of the northern Brazilian state of Para.

Q4 mined a total of 44092 tons of ore in 2019, with 6.69g of gold per tonne; gold production in the fourth quarter was 10223 ounces, so that total annual gold production was within the guidance of 40101 ounces, up 7 per cent from 2019. Gold was produced by processing 44794 tons of ore (with an overall average grade of 6.81g / t gold) in the fourth quarter. The processed ore comes from the hard rock mining ore of Palito and Sao Chico orebodies, supplemented by the treatment of 9423 tons of surface flotation tailings with a gold grade of about 5.38g / t. The total mining tonnage in the quarter was 44092 tons and the gold grade was 6.69g / t.

(Sao Chico) 's drilling activities have greatly expanded its resources beyond current mine limits, and the company expects full-year production to be between 45000 and 46000 ounces in 2020.

Serabi Gold (Serabi Gold) CEOMike Hodgson said mining and factory throughput and grade remained unchanged throughout the year, but increased by 8 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively, compared with 2018, bringing the mine's gold mine to more than 40000 ounces for the first time. With the full load operation of the factory, the annual increase in production and operation consistency is very satisfactory. About 30000 tons of gold-bearing flotation tailings have been processed, which has helped to increase the output year by year. The average gold grade of the material is more than 4.5g / t. Due to the limited operation of the factory, every hour is very important, therefore, we attach great importance to the quality of ore feed and maximize the utilization rate of the factory. As the processing plant is running well, we look forward to the commissioning of the ore separator this quarter. This will "screen" the waste rock before the pulverizing section and release much-needed capacity, allowing us to achieve higher gold production by 2020 without expanding pulverizing capacity.

The company expects full-year production to be between 45000 and 46000 ounces in 2020.

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