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[SMM Express] Transnet: enhances Manganese Mine Export capacity of Transport Trains
Oct 28,2019 14:07CST
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SMM: recently, Lloyd Tobias, acting CEO of, Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), said that the export capacity of manganese through Saldania Bay will be increased to 5.3 million tons, while the amount of manganese transported through Port Elizabeth will be increased by 9 million tons. In addition to the increase in manganese exports, Transnet is investigating the ability to open zinc exports, which will be provided by Orion Minerals and Vedanta through new mines in Northern Cape. Transnet is in talks with two companies about the option of moving zinc on the railway.

It is reported that for the first time at Transnet, the number of trucks on the heavy haul line to South Africa's iron ore export route Saldanha has been increased from 312 to 375. the additional capacity has been achieved. The train is about 4 kilometers long, and during well-orchestrated braking and acceleration, locomotives are used at the front, middle and end of the train train to accommodate the uphill part of the train.

Now, Transnet will transport 23625 tons of manganese per train, up from 19656 tons of trucks typically used to export manganese. On the 861km Sishen-Saldanha production line, there are seven slots per week for manganese, with 42 slots reserved for iron ore.

Lloyd Tobias says this is in line with TFR's business objectives to apply heavy transport operations, maintenance, design, construction and best practices in general freight operations, as well as transport strategies to transport traffic from road to rail. Brian Monakali, general manager of TFR, said that through the global sharing of technical research and best practices conducted by the overloaded business, it is certain that the application of breakthrough technologies will push operations, security and railway transport capacity to new heights.

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