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[SMM investigation] the weekly operation rate of recycled lead refinery is 46.5%.
Oct 11,2019 12:11CST
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SMM, 11 Oct:

The weekly operating rate of the SMM recycled lead licensed smelter was 46.5% this week, up 5.9% from the previous month, according to Shanghai Colored Network (SMM).

Among them, the operating rate of Jiangsu recycled lead license smelter is 58.3%, and that of Anhui recycled lead license smelter is 40.0%, which is the same as that of the previous period. The operating rate of Henan recycled lead smelter is 40.7%, up 23.8% from last week. The recovery of the operating rate is mainly due to the recovery of production in Henan Yuguang and Xinxiang Huarui, but according to the person in charge of Xinxiang Huarui, due to weather quality problems, some production may continue to be controlled in October. In addition, Henan Jinli maintained a waste battery disassembly line this month.

Shanghai lead is under pressure at the Wanqi pass, and the purchasing price range of waste batteries is stable, so the current smelting profits of recycled refined lead refineries are very considerable. According to SMM rough estimates, the smelting profits of smelters purchasing waste batteries to produce recycled refined lead are about 700-800 yuan / ton. Refined lead refineries are worried about positive shipment in the future market, while some downstream storage enterprises have not yet been completely consumed, and the overall demand is limited, resulting in the continuous expansion of recycled refined lead. As of today, the mainstream transaction price of recycled refined lead has discounted 200-350 yuan / ton of SMM1# lead.

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