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The boss gathered a thousand people to invite you to come to China waste battery recycling & metal secondary utilization forum!
Oct 10,2019 18:23CST
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2019 China Battery Recycling Forum

Time: 22-23 November 2019

Venue: Shanghai


Shanghai Nonferrous Network

Strategic Alliance of technological Innovation in China's Renewable Resources Industry

Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association

Special sponsor: Huayi (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd.

At present, under the background of carrying out pollution prevention and control battle and blue sky defense war in an all-round way, and based on the urgent need of green development of China's renewable resources industry, the structural reform on the supply side of the industry has achieved positive results. With the increase of uncertain factors in the global economic trend in 2019 and the substantial impact of trade frictions, how can the renewable resources industry achieve high-quality development under the dual pressure of new policy and trade war? What will be the new situation of the global renewable resources industry pattern, recycling system, market situation and process technology and equipment in 2020?

In order to implement the new development concept and the spirit of the Fifth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Committee, strengthen industrial coordination and technical cooperation, enhance the resilience of the industrial chain, raise the level of the industrial chain, form a stronger innovative and higher value-added industrial chain in the course of opening and cooperation, promptly grasp the market situation and development opportunities of the global recycled non-ferrous metals, promote the deep integration of Internet finance and industry, and establish a green supply chain system. To build green industrial ecology, Shanghai Nonferrous Network joined hands with China Renewable Resources Industry technological Innovation Strategic Alliance and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association to create the "2019 China Renewable Metal Industry chain Development Summit Forum" to promote the green innovation development of China's renewable resources industry!

Meeting highlight

1. 2019 China and the global non-ferrous metal market weather vane, non-ferrous metal recycling industry 1000 + elite!

2. Non-ferrous metal market, hot topic focus, authoritative experts interpret the current situation of the development of major metal secondary resources utilization industry and the latest policies and regulations interpretation!

3. The deep integration of Internet finance and renewable resources industry, and explore the high-quality development of non-ferrous metal recycling industry under the dual pressure of new policy and trade war!

4. 2019 China Nonferrous Metals Secondary Resources Recycling Green Vanguard Enterprises, 2019 non-ferrous Metals quality traders, 2019 SMM Annual bid Adoption Unit Award ceremony!

5. Collide thinking, exchange and share the research progress of advanced technology and equipment for the recovery and utilization of non-ferrous resources at home and abroad, explore the best feasible technical route, and promote green development!

Two forums, one vote!

Meeting schedule

[main Forum 22 November 2019]

Check in and exchange & get information

Opening speech of the General Assembly

2020 Global macroeconomic outlook and monetary policy analysis

2020 Major categories of asset allocation recommendations and trading opportunities

How to realize High quality Development of Renewable Resources Industry under the dual pressure of New Policy and Trade War

Round Table Communication: supply chain Financial Reconstruction Recycling pattern of Renewable Resources (Internet + supply chain Finance + Renewable Resources)

Welcome Dinner (reception Dinner + Award presentation ceremony + Licensing ceremony)

[sub-Forum 1 23 November 2019]

(special AC session for waste Battery Recycling)

Interpretation of the latest Policy on Recycling and Utilization of waste batteries (lead Acid, Lithium Ion) and Analysis of the overall Development of the Industry

Progress and empirical Model of promoting the Construction of waste Battery recovery system in Shanghai

Present situation of Power Battery recovery and Progress of Cascade Utilization

Development Route of hydrogen Energy and fuel Cell Technology

Present situation and Development trend of Recycling and Utilization of waste lead Battery from 2019 to 2020

Market Analysis and Price Forecast of key Materials for Battery (Lithium Battery and lead Battery) in 2020

Power lithium-ion battery VS lead battery, who will lead the market?

Life cycle Assessment and Management-Special Forces in Enterprise Green Ecological Strategy

A New process for recovering valuable Metals from retired Ternary Lithium Ion batteries

Extraction of Lithium Battery Recycling and disassembly Technology and Application of Intelligent equipment to meet different requirements

Participants interview brainstorming (the way to improve the Recycling and Utilization of waste batteries in China)

Study on Recycling and Utilization of cathode Materials for waste Lithium Ferric Phosphate Battery

Development and Market Application of full extraction (Co-extraction) Wet process Technology for Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese scrap

[sub-Forum II 23 November 2019]

(summit Forum on the Development of Metal Secondary Resource Utilization Industry chain)

The present situation of the Development of Nonferrous Metal Secondary Resource Utilization Industry and the interpretation of the latest policies and regulations

Thoughts on the Science and Technology Strategy and Technology Roadmap for the Recycling of non-ferrous Metals in the 14th five-year Plan

Thoughts and suggestions on perfecting the tax Policy of Renewable Resources Industry

Analysis and Prospect of Recycling Market of Copper, Aluminum and Zinc Resources in the World

The opportunity of non-waste City Construction to the Secondary Utilization of Nonferrous Metal Resources

Expanding the Application of recycled Aluminum and opening up a New "Blue Sea"

Present situation and trend of Recycling Technology of Copper Secondary Resources in China

Key Technology and Application of Cleaner production of low Grade complex Polymetallic Materials

Key Technology of Resource Utilization of Secondary Aluminum Ash Slag

Comprehensive Utilization of Zinc-containing waste and Zinc Slag in Hot-dip galvanizing Industry

Discussion on Cooperative disposal Mode of Electronic waste and Nonferrous Metal Secondary Resources

Improvement of Technology for preparation of Copper Alloy from waste Copper

Technology and Business Model of Direct production of Automobile Core parts by molten Aluminum

Progress in the Construction of Circular economy Industry chain in Household Appliance Manufacturing Enterprises

Resource Utilization Technology of Zinc cycle and Zinc Dust Mud in Iron and Steel Industry

Closing of the General Assembly

The editor introduces the organization "Strategic Alliance for technological Innovation in China's Renewable Resources Industry":

Based on the needs of the country to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, the technological innovation strategic alliance of China's renewable resources industry was established in Beijing in 2009. The Alliance is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national pilot alliance, a national A-level industrial technological innovation strategic alliance, an excellent organizational unit for the organization and management of the national science and technology plan, and a recommended unit for the organization of key special projects of the national key R & D plan. it is a new type of technological innovation organization that provides all-round innovation services for strategic emerging industries such as renewable resources.

List of members of the Council of the Union + Group of experts

Review of previous sessions

Conference expenses

Waste batteries
renewable resources

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