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[SMM analysis] what is the impact of Dehong's abnormal dry season on the start-up of the silicon plant?
Oct 10,2019 15:02CST
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SMM October 10: according to Yunnan Dehong Silicon Industry Association news, due to less than October Dehong prefecture silicon plant will gradually reduce production, November will adjust to the dry season electricity price.

At present, a total of 48 furnaces are opened in Dehong Prefecture, and the plan to reduce and stop production in October is not clear for the time being. In November, the power generation in the state can meet the normal production of about 23 silicon furnaces, and the comprehensive electricity price may be about 0.35 yuan per kilowatt-hour.

On the one hand, less rainfall leads to the lack of power supply in advance, on the other hand, big data (virtual currency mining machine) in Dehong Prefecture occupies part of the small hydropower power supply, aggravating the shortage of silicon power supply.

From January to September 2019, Dehong's metal silicon production totaled 127900 tons, down 18.9 percent from 29800 tons compared with the same period last year. The reduction in supply is mainly due to the postponement of the flood season to July due to local drought and lack of rain, and the large-scale resumption of production in Dehong Silicon Plant has been delayed by nearly one month compared with previous years. In addition, the delay in the resumption of production due to the installation of new desulphurization equipment and the non-operation of two silicon plants due to capital and desulphurization problems have also reduced output compared with the same period last year.

Dehong's six-month flood season, which lasted from June to November in previous years, has been reduced by more than two months this year due to drought and other reasons. Dehong's metal silicon production is expected to be more than 180000 tons in 2019, nearly 50, 000 tons less than in 2018. (SMM Yang Xiaoting)


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