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[SMM Analysis] the purchase quantity of Electrolytic Manganese after Section decreases obviously and it is estimated that the downstream demand of Electrolytic Manganese in Q4 will decrease.
Oct 9,2019 14:06CST
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SMM10, September 9: according to a report on the portal of the Daxin County people's Government in Chongzuo City, Guangxi, on September 27, Liu Youming, secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee and chairman of the standing Committee of the Municipal people's Congress, led a team to carry out research and service activities in manganese industry enterprises in Daxin County to supervise the difficulties encountered in the production development and project construction of the manganese industry, break bottlenecks, and promote progress. He stressed: all departments at all levels in the city should regard serving enterprises as an important task, comprehensively implement various measures to create a first-class business environment, help manganese enterprises solve practical problems, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the manganese industry, and realize the development of the whole industrial chain, so as to provide strong support for the steady growth of industry. Liu Youming successively went to the second phase project site of 60,000 tons of electrolytic manganese in Baoxian Village of Guangxi Xinzhen Manganese Group Co., Ltd., and 30,000 tons of lithium manganate project site of Guangxi Xinzhen Manganese Group Co., Ltd., to check the progress of the project construction, to understand the harmless production process of electrolytic manganese slag, and to promote the "10 billion yuan" manganese circular economy industrial park. Enterprises should seize the opportunity, strengthen their confidence and do a good job in production. To achieve stable development.

Chongzuo is known as the "manganese capital of China". Manganese industry has always been one of the most important pillar industries in Chongzuo, and it is also an important strategic fulcrum for the transformation and upgrading of Chongzuo industrial industry. In the aspect of attracting investment in the manganese new energy and new material industry, since the beginning of this year, Chongzuo City has successively gone to Tianjin, Jiangsu, Henan, Hubei and other places to attract investment. At the same time, it has actively planned with CITIC Da Manganese to build Citic Da Manganese Chongzuo Manganese New material Project. The major manganese processing enterprises have carried out scientific and technological innovation, carried out technological reform, and produced high-tech, high value-added manganese-based new energy materials to serve digital products and lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles.

In the past two years, Citic Manganese, Xinzhen Manganese Industry and other manganese enterprises have carried out R & D cooperation with many famous domestic scientific research institutions, such as China Academy of Environmental Sciences, Guangxi Academy of Environmental Protection Sciences, Guangxi University, Wuhan University, Chongqing University and so on. Focus on the extension of the manganese series new energy industry chain, the development of high-purity manganese sulfate, lithium manganate, nickel cobalt lithium manganate ternary materials and other power battery cathode materials or precursors, attracting downstream power battery manufacturers to join the joint development. In 2018, the manganese processing industry in Chongzuo achieved an output value of 13.447 billion yuan. There are 16 manganese processing enterprises above the scale, mainly producing electrolytic metal manganese, electrolytic manganese dioxide, silicon manganese alloy and other products. Manganese aluminum alloy, manganese nitride, high purity metal manganese powder, manganese tetroxide, high purity manganese sulfate, lithium manganate and nickel cobalt lithium manganese oxide ternary materials have been launched one after another.

According to SMM, before and after National Day, most of the southern manganese factory spot quotation is temporarily stable in 11300-11400 yuan / ton, there are also a small number of manganese plants intend to offer in 11500 yuan / ton, but the actual high price trading volume is not too little (in addition to rigid demand to take goods). Although the spot price of manganese in many regions has increased slightly by 200-300 yuan / ton compared with July and August, the production cost of some manufacturers is still in a state of loss, so the situation of low price before the festival is on the high side. After National Day, most domestic steel mills raised the price of electrolytic manganese by 200-400 yuan / ton in October, but the purchase volume of some domestic steel mills and Posco in overseas markets decreased significantly in November, which also shows that the downstream demand for domestic electrolytic manganese will decrease in the fourth quarter, and overseas exports will also have a decline, at the same time, the imbalance between supply and demand will aggravate again. In the later stage, there is little possibility of spot price and price increase in the manganese plant, so the control and management of the production cost in the later stage need to be further optimized.

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